Thursday, May 03, 2007


No that's obviously NOT my shooting score. It's the number of words in my effing PI. Bloody hell I started at 9.30pm and it's now 11.45pm. Shit that's so unfunny it pisses me off and gets funny. I was SUPPOSED to do:


Math tutorial which was due today

Chem Practical

Practice my electone which I haven't touched in 34238402 years because I was sabo-ed into playing keyboards for con camp

I did:


That's 25% efficiency, and if I were a power plant I'd shut myself down. Okay not a good example, seeing how power plants operate at less than that level, but this is just shit. Had to cut down from 900 to 500 words, and it's bloody hell annoying when you keep having to pick away at what you've written just to remove one word at a time.

Was typing a rather long post two days ago until the com got unplugged. Not going to type it again but here's a summary:

I watched Spiderman 3 already. It's damn nice, but eating a whole BUCKET of popcorn in the process isn't. We celebrated Jerilyn's and Matthias's birthdays. Brownie was preposterously late. Lanz came which was pretty cool.

Yeah whatever.