Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The more I think about it the more pek chek I get la. 518 - like, it's not a matter of what people say, of whether I'm a J1 or J2. Maybe I learn fast for a J1, but that still doesn't make me anything more than peanuts to top shooters. They've had years of training, I've had 4 months, but on the scoresheet nobody gives a damn how long you've been shooting - it's the score and that's it. I didn't meet my basic expectations of myself, and though there was a slight measure of relief at my own results, it's nothing more than that. Don't get me wrong; I'm not on desolate or on the verge of giving up. I'm just saying I NEED TO WORK HARDER. If I can hit 536 for training then there should be no reason why I can't for competition.

Dinner-ed with Haofeng, Wei-lyn, Cheerin, Yanlan and Gerald just now. Suki sushi. I thought the food was just alright. Spent some time aimlessly walking around HMV with Haofeng after that, then going over to McCafe for a Frappe Mocha. Piling on calories again. Bloody hell.

Anyway I was bored just now cause my dad was hogging the internet. No router so must share the damn thing lor. So my laptop was on, I was playing music and doing nothing much else when I decided to try and learn how to play Hearts. Yeah the one in every computer. I sorta get the rough idea now. Hahaha.

It's LABOUR DAY TOMORROW. I'm supposed to be catching up on everything but then I'm going out. So yeah even trying to catch up isn't going to happen. Hahaha dieee.