Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm quite bored. I should be mugging but then studying is boring. Which lead to me being bored so I stopped. I could talk in circles all day but I think I won't. My study ethic remains as bad as ever - in fact I think it's gotten worse, because nowadays I have this apathetic heck-care attitude towards exams. At most study two hours plus lor, then I'm done for the day, no more studying. To hell with what I need to cover for syllabus. Even better is that I don't care that I don't care.

My affiliations with gaming have been almost totally cut off. In the past it used to be that gaming was some sort of an integral part of my life; it was fun. Nowadays I don't have the time, and when I'm free I'm too lazy to bother turning on my 360 cause I'd rather do something else. I was kinda surprised to see that Starcraft 2 had been announced - hadn't kept up with any gaming news for a long time. Weird, isn't it? "Avid gamer weans himself off gaming". That'd be a nice punchline for a self-help article for gaming addicts to cure their insatiable desire to level up their level 263409 character.

Not that I really regret it though. Life's infinitely more busy now, but at the same time so much fuller and richer than before. I guess when Halo 3 comes out I'll go back to gaming again, but it sure won't take up that much of an important place in my priorities list.