Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Okay I better do this before I forget or get too damn lazy. This somewhat of a lag but better late then never.

Bintan was pretty fun, but because I'm lazy as usual to type out one whole account of what happened, here's a concise checklist of what I did there:

1) Took a ferry twice (to and fro, duh).

2) Drove the buggy that was for our villa everywhere.

3) Tried golf at the driving range.

4) Dropped the damn golf club on my foot.

5) Had buffet every day. Stuffed myself full of desserts. Blueberry cheese tart? *drool*

6) Went swimming at the pool. Not very big, and I tried to get a tan, but the weather absolutely sucked.

7) Drove an all terrain vehicle, and managed to ram the thing into the bushes.

8) Archery. It's pretty fun, but it started raining halfway through and the arrows were blown about by the wind -_-ll

9) Went to the beach even though the weather was crap like I said. It started to rain after a while, and I didn't get to walk on nice white sand that makes squeaky sounds when you step on it cause it was slightly wet =/ Walked out into the sea though. You know how at normal beaches you go waist deep in water after going in about 2 metres? In Bintan you can walk pretty far out. Haha. Cool.

Okay I'll probably upload photos soon.