Sunday, September 09, 2007

Funeral for a Friend was pretty awesome stuff. Didn't stick downstairs with the mosh pit though; watched the entire thing from the balcony upstairs where the view was better and, well where we didn't have to mosh. Haha. They definitely can play live. Sure, some parts were dubbed but that doesn't change the fact the the lead vocalist can still sing live. And their lead guitarist is zomg. His fingers were crawling all over the fretboard like an overexcited spider. Really cool stuff, the band is. And they played loads of hits in addition to their new album's songs too!

While we're talking about bands performing and stuff, let's talk about moshing. Haha. I for one don't mosh, and people who do say that it's the music that allows them to lose control, be really free blablabla. In short they're trying to say that it's a tribute to the music, because they let themselves go fully along with it. What I don't understand is that how letting oneself go could mean crouching and flailing your arms around so that you hit people. Or shoving and punching people, all of which happened last night. I've seen it before, yeah, but to see people doing stuff like that is always somewhat eye-opening. If you decide to get all excited and jump and raise your hands in the air, fine, but I don't think 'letting yourself go' is a good excuse to lose your humanity. The guy flailing his arms about ended up having a small circle about him because people obviously didn't want to get hit. He could've been possessed for all I knew, and maybe a good kick to his balls would've done him good. If it was a girl doing it, that'd be more disturbing, and maybe putting her in a corner to quiet down might help. You can't hit girls, you see.

In short, it's totally fine with me to go with the flow of the music played by the band that's up on stage, but is it that hard to play nice? And Funeral for a Friend was the shizz (again).

That's all =)