Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Been either really busy or too tired to find time to update, but I didn't want this blog to rot, so here's one.

Monday was absolutely awesome, every single moment of it.

I was asked by Matthias on behalf of the Catholic Activities people in the student council to help plan and lead a short praise and worship session as part of a follow up to the JC1 retreat, and I was a little hesitant initially because I'd never done it before, I'd be (zomg) singing, and I wasn't sure I was up to it. But I guess God has His way with everything and as it is, I'm going to lead tomorrow. Yesterday was the first time the band practised together, and it looked to be really screwed at first, because the amps and mikes and stuff were locked up somewhere and we couldn't get the keys because the OM was off somewhere. That meant that (we were told) we couldn't have the bass, and only one guitar had an amp. Things were looking pretty bad and increasingly worse and I was seriously thinking about dropping to acoustics for a while when all of a sudden, when all looked lost, the stuff came in! So Amen to that because it was pretty awesome =)

And everything came together the first practice we had. We've had just two practices together, and the teachers said they were impressed today when they came to have a look-see. I'm relieved, I guess, and I think it's going to go fine tomorrow. Haha.

Okay I'm just gonna end here cause I'm really tired even though it's only 10.30pm.