Monday, October 22, 2007

I am feeling fucked up over PW. I'm supposed to be doing it now instead of blogging but what the hell.

What I need now, if nothing else, is more time.

I haven't exactly been a good leader because I've always been last minute in finishing stuff. PI, GPP, EoM and then WR were all done with the minimal possible effort because, well I could. I guess being fairly proficient at the language helps. But it's just really frustrating when your group members don't participate. Yeah it's great that two actually put in diligent effort to do up stuff, but I'm just so tired of attempting to delegate and then finding that things don't get done, even if I try to follow up. And there's no possibilty of not delegating and having a group discussion. Because when I try I have to keep pushing for responses and I feel like an idiot.

I'm just so tired of this.