Friday, November 09, 2007

My financial status now is infinitely screwed. I have a little money in my wallet, but my net worth is currently into negative figures because I owe Aaron a hundred bucks. Sorry bro, I'll pay you soon =)

Normally if I owe people money...wait. I don't normally owe people money, but on the occasions that I do, it doesn't take long for me to repay what I owe. Unfortunately my dad decided to cut my allowance. Normally I get money when he sends me out and all, but nowadays I get half or less of what I normally get, or sometimes nothing at all. If what I get now's only enough to cover a meal, at the rate I'm going I'll probably take 412091425235 years to save 2 bucks. Oh. I don't have that many years. I guess I'll starve to save money then. NOT. Hahaha.

Hard times, I guess. And I think my parents weren't happy with the way I was spending. Still, the peanuts I get now aren't nearly enough. Oh well.