Sunday, June 15, 2008

9 months!

The Case of the Missing Movie Tickets and the Power of Prayer
Right so the other day Gen and I went to watch Kung Fu Panda, 5pm show, two tickets in the 3rd row. We went to the toilet at 4.50pm, came back and bought popcorn and a drink and....the tickets were missing! Which totally got us both searching everywhere, I scoured the toilet twice, walked back and forth and things looked really screwed. So I went to the ticketing counter and asked if the guy could print us another set of tickets. And...I prayed.
I prayed that things wouldn't be so screwed, I prayed that there'd be a way for us to catch the movie even without tickets, that the management could just overlook the tickets and still let us watch the movie in the same seats.
And you know what? After talking on his walkie talkie for a bit, the guy wrote seat numbers on a small piece of paper and told us that we were going to be given the house seats for the movie, courtesy of the manager. I had no idea such a thing existed beforehand, but yes from 3rd row to VIP seats that were separate from the rest of the rows!
Thank you Golden Village, and thank you God =)