Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ok so today (just like many other days at Bishan) after finishing some work, Ky and I decided that we would go have a game or two of Fifa Street up at the Xbox 360 at the computer shop at J8. Yes I know it's no life, seeing I have my own console, but it's times like this that are needed to destress. So anyway we've been getting alot of 'bao tou's from people like Hao Feng and Bai Rong to my tuition teacher saying that we were gaming and not studying, but today was top-class lah.

A couple days ago we were playing and suddenly my tutor JAY CALLED.

Jay: 'Andrew, playing game ah?'

Me: (omgwtfLOL) 'huh no la don't believe the stupid Haofeng, he's cooking up stories again!'

Jay: 'Aiyoo..tell Ker Yu to study ah...'

Me: 'No la not playingg. Going home already don't listen to them!"


Guess what happened today?

When we decided to have one game and were playing halfway...all of a sudden,

Jay: (places his arms around our shoulders and laughing) "Hello..."

Me and Ky turned around, I thought it was just Bairong and then OMGWTFBBQJAY?! HAHAHAHA.

Bairong went to tell him that we were playing and JAY CAME OUT OF HIS HOUSE AND WALKED TO J8 TO SEE US.

CHEEE. Ok freaking funny la. I have bastard friends.