Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello. I am sick. Woke up at 3 plus last night (technically it was just now) with a fever, and I downed two panadol before going back to sleep. Then I woke up again and voila! I'm still sick.

And now I've been transferred over to Logistics for YISS. They said they felt it was better for me and I just went "uh ok, only if you REALLY need to because I much prefer fac-ing". Oh well. Must be God's plan. I dunno if I'm ever gonna serve in YI again though, NS and all.

My dad's com isn't at home and I can't watch Avatar cause that's where I saved all the shows (don't think he knows though). =(

But hey i'm not complaining (much) because I'll be getting the Fender Strat after all zomg yay.

Ok time to go back to bed and die.