Monday, November 17, 2008

Kay so I really need a hard drive of my own, like 500GB kind to store all of the stuff from other people's hard drives. Haha OMG Ian's hard drive is like some candy palace so full of sweets that you don't know where to start, and there's so much candy that either you die eating it or a mountain of it collapses on you. I opened it and found a whole gazillion tons of stuff, and I HAVE HEROES SEASON 3 NOW HAHA.

If you ever read this, thanks Ian, if you don't I'll thank you when I return your hard drive.

Paintball tomorrow is killing me with excitement, or maybe it's more of the fact that I'm finally done with As. Physics totally sucks please.

So many things to do - getguitargetpromclothesbuyothernewclothesfinallygettosleepinaftersolongmaybegobacktoshootingplayplayplayplayplay.

Then NS. #@$!#%.