Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hello everybody, my time is officially running out and i feel sad =( People all ask me if i'm scared of NS and my answer is always 'naaah'. I mean, I'm pretty used to regimented life after six years in Marist NPCC. If you're done with NS and you're reading this and you see the previous line don't scoff and say NPCC is nothing like NS, because everyone says it's more slack but just dirtier. Funny thing is I'd prefer it to be less slack but cleaner hahaha.

But yeah, point is, I'm not really scared of NS, I know I can make it in there and I'll do everyone proud =) I can't help feeling sad though, because I really will miss everyone. I feel so loved from all the messages and emails and stuff, and I guess it's a good thing to feel sad too because it shows I've close friends who I'll dearly miss. Thank you all for being there for me all I'll see you on the other side yeah? This sounds gay but I love all of you back HAHA.

I was debating with myself whether to write dedications (I sound like a DJ) cause I didn't want to leave anyone out. But hey I'm just gonna type some short sentences, if you don't see your name here it's not cause I don't remember you, just that I didn't really think you'd read my blog. So in no order of importance:

To my dear little miss tiny, please take care of yourself ok? I won't be away for long, and I hope you really really enjoyed your birthday. I'll miss you too =)

To Phyllis, you've heard it many times before but I'll say it again before I go in - you're truly an awesome friend, period. Thanks for being there for me, and Happy Birthday in advance!

Farmer De Silva, you're an amazing guy who's always willing to be there to help no matter how inconvenient it is. I mean it when I said I'll be there if you ever need my help for anything at all.

To my two dear Godsisters, thanks for just being who you are, really. You're the sisters I never had, and you made me feel loved as part of this extra family =) Eunice I want to kope more stuff from you when I'm back HAHA. I will give you loads of stuff too! Beat, thanks for the email. Touched much okay. Haha I actually typed you a message after reading your mail but I realised I didn't send out cause my new owning colour phone with polyphonic capability and flashlight didn't have your number. Love you both!

To Henry Louis Velge, you take care too man. Thank you again for that email, I totally wasn't expecting it! You're a good friend and I want to thank you for everything. We should be in a proper band of our own when I get better HAHA.

To Kenneth and Jasper, I've watched you both grow and I thank God for you two. I've passed the baton to you two and I trust you guys. I'm there to help whenever I can but for now it's your show ok? Please take care =)

To Val, Mel and the other shooters, thank you for all your support and encouragement. A part of me will always miss the times we trained together, and I know we'll always be good friends. =)

To the bros, you guys have always been there. Even if we don't hang out every day and stuff I'm thankful for all of you. And the fact that we're all guys means we all have NS as a common topic! Haha we'll meet after BMT and talk k?

To everyone else, if you're going to miss me you're someone I'm going to miss too. Sorry if you didn't see your name up, it's cause I'm rushing off. But thank you anyway and we'll catch up soon!

Signing off,

Recruit Andrew Tay