Sunday, January 04, 2009

I guess it's time I got down to blogging before my time is up and I get conscripted into National Sl*very (must censor in case some government official reads and I get screwed).

Where to start, so many things to say! Basically I'm going in on the 8th and probably the only thing I'm really looking forward to is getting a hot bod from NS HAHA. One pack ----> Six pack please.

Ok I know lotsa people make new year's resolutions but I don't really bother cause most people fail in the end anyway. Haha but I do look back and think about the year that's passed though, and reflecting, I've really a lot to be thankful to God for. For moulding me and instilling that spirit of obedience in me when I served in my first YISS, for making a way for me so many times, for the friends around me. I really will miss everybody so please do keep me in your prayers ok?

I originally wanted to type out a proper testimony for this YISS, but I got lazy and I think this copy-pasted msn convo with Val will do. Hahaha YI truly is amazing. And God makes it amazing, and you know even though the thing that happened was pretty freaky and showed that the devil is real, it only served to strengthen my faith in God that He is all-powerful, and that darkness flees at the sound of His name!

Andrew says:
oh haha you are online!

Jesus take the wheel says:

Andrew says:
omg yiss was super amazing ok
it's like
80 people who at the start from all walks of life
some haven't been to church in 9 months or more
from just standing ther during pnw
to jumping and raising their hands to God
and outpouring was amazing too
you should've seen God at work
haha almost all rested in the Spirit and everyone was praying in tongues by the end of it

Jesus take the wheel says:
sounds cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats good to hear (:

Andrew says:
and it's like
God really worked wonders
people being forced to come to yiss
ended up jumping and praising Him
people who were hurt, held down by sin, guilt were healed
and it was just...
haha wah

Jesus take the wheel says:

Andrew says:
hahaha omg
but you know
with such powerfully spiritual camps, it also means that spiritual attacks are also more severe
and the devil will try even harder to attack
like on the second night during one of the sessions, even i felt something was wrong la
and like, i'm not the kind who sees visions and all?
i've never seen a vision, i only have tongues
but even i felt something was wrong la

Jesus take the wheel says:
omg i just read yr text abt yr fren

Andrew says:
and after that the service team shared that they felt it too, that they felt distraction and evil
haha that happened just now this afternoon
anw the intercessors
haha they're a subteam whose role during yiss is just to pray
they saw visions throughout la, which is so cool and reaffirming
but during the time that session was held they got the word distraction
but after that they prayed and all was ok again
oh then this afternoon one was scary
during ministering, people were like getting slain super quickly
even some of the facils also
and like some of the participants like immediately when the speaker said 'just receive' they fell
but anw
during end of the session suddenly my friend started shaking uncontrollably
and he couldn't talk anymore
my other friend apparently felt some demonic presence and i saw her crying
and it was kinda scary la
so the leaders brought my shaking friend to the back to pray over him
then after that we brought him to the room where he was still shaking and couldn't talk, like he saw something really really bad
and no matter what people asked him he didn't respond, except to occasionally nod a little
so anyway it was just before mass and our priest came in to say a prayer for him
and then after that one of the adults came in to pray over him

Jesus take the wheel says:

Andrew says:
and cause in the room there were just a few of us by my friend's side
and he asked us to pray spontaneously
then he put his hand on my friend's head and told the devil he had no place here
that in Jesus' name he bound all spirits and cast them out
that Jesus is lord
and then my friend in a really short while started crying louder
and then he was alright!
he was really thankful after that la

Jesus take the wheel says:
abit creepy...
my youth camp not so xiong
but sth like tt also

Andrew says:
yeah cause
yiss is a REALLY intense spiritual camp
honestly i have never felt anything like it
i remember my yi
the moment i stepped in i felt something different
like God's power was there strongly
and participants say the same thing also

Haha I'm not so lazy after all cause I made the effort to neaten it and make it easier to read. But yeah praise God for that!

I think NS is just going to be another time for God to mould me, to sheath me and use that time away from serving to make me something better. I don't want to go for NS, but it's my cup, my cross to bear, and I'll just have to keep praying =)