Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here's blog revival attempt number #2. Oh wait, I shouldn't call it that cause it makes it sound like my blog was dead and I'm trying to resurrect it. Okay let's try again.


Here's Infrequent update #2. Haha. Sounds better.

I'm typing this from the school library computer because I'm going to do a little work here before going for training and then meeting Ling to study. Gosh I've been so busy I swear. Not that I'm breaking down just yet, but like, I don't even read the newspapers anymore. And that's sad, because that probably means I won't get my only A which is for Current Affairs anymore for the common tests. How sad. That there's no A for that, and more so that I don't get As for anything else. I try to watch one hour of TV a week. Heroes may be 235490238 times slower on television than online, but hey I still get that dose of relaxation eh. But then again I'm not into the habit of watching much TV, so that's no indication of the lack of life I have.

I'm trying to take things slowly right now, because it's a pretty stupendous task, planning a couple of days ahead an managing my time already. Procrastination's always a lure, and the consequences of that'll probably screw everything up. So I simply can't afford to screw my time up. No doubt things are taking their toll; I'm always sleepy and can't help but make feeble tries at making up for that tiredness by sleeping in lectures. I really do try to pay attention, but I can't help it if the lecturer's boring and I'm already so sleepy. Which adds on to the workload after that.

On another note, I'm now shooting both air rifle and pistol for the school team. Not that I'm really good at the air rifle, but it's pretty cool in a sense. None of that means crap if I don't win anything of course, so I've to buck up my pistol training if I want to leave a legacy.

If you look at it one way I'm in a mess; always tired and everything's suffering. My pistol score is staying stagnant at a high 540+ to 550, which isn't good enough to win, I'm falling behind in work and there's so much to cope with. But it's like being thrown in the deep end of the pool right from the start. So I was a total slob before and suddenly I'm flooded with responsibilties and things which require disciplined time management. So either I learn how to swim or I drown, simple as that.

Luckily there's her and God I can turn to to stay afloat. And I'll be kicking and paddling all the way, of course.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ok so here's an attempt, albeit going to be an infrequent one to clear the cobwebs off my blog.

I'm really busy this year. Like really really busy. So much so that sometimes the only way I can take a breather is to procrastinate, and we all know the problems that come with that. I don't really have much time for myself anymore, and I'm spread out rather thinly over a bunch of things. NYT trainings are supposed to be 3 times a week and it's almost impossible to fulfil that for me. On top of that I'm supposed to go down for school trainings as often as I can. Annd I've to go back for NPCC activities and it's hard to. Plus I just took over the band in church, and I'm now a facil. Did I mention I have A levels this year? I wish there were 3 of me. because time management is one thing, burning out is another. Right now I'm just going to try my best to cope, and who knows, I might pull it all off.

I need lots of new stuff, but I'm way broke. New jeans, shoes, pants and clothes in general are just going to have to remain in the stores much longer. Ha.

Thus ends feeble attempt #1 to resurrect my blog. Hahahaha. Update soon/sometime.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year pull your ear! Hahaha for some reason that's rather an inane sorta way.

Right so year 2007, *poof* just like that. You know how we all always, at the end of each year just look back and it seems like it went away so fast? Of course the year didn't go by that quick because you can remember everything that happened, it just seems that way.

And just like that, it's 2008, and with it comes many new responsibilities. Shooting with training 3 times a week in addition to school trainings which I've to go have a look sometimes, responsibilities as a cadet inspector, my new roles in church as a facil and in the music ministry, and of course, it's A level year. It's going to be absolutely stress-packed, and I'm going to need to, for the first time in my life get everything organised, or it'll all fall apart. I'll need to pray, hard and regularly that I'll have the discipline to do things right all the way, and of course I'll have to do it too.

Anyway with every new year comes resolutions!

I resolve to:

1) Lose weight, starting with whatever I gained during the holidays. It's even harder or me to lose weight now, because 10km runs are really boring and that's the minimum I've to run, I think for anything to be effective.

2) Juggle everything well. Speaks for itself.

3) Start cultivating a proper studying habit. Mine is nonexistent.

4) Do God's work to the best of my ability.

And God help me with everything I do. =) Amen please. Okay this was going to be a longer post but I decided I'm going to be lazy and not type anymore. Hahaha.