Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well then. Here are the photos I promised, along with some other stuff I'd wanted to say.

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Me reading a passage from God's Word during my uncle's wedding

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No, that handbag isn't mine

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My newlywed aunt and uncle! Along with my parents and I. The two kids are my cousins from France.

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Tea ceremony at my Grandma's house

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Me and another of my uncles. Weird thing is, my jacket looks as if it's been photoshop drawn and pasted on.

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Talking to my cousin, who looked stunning. The photo didn't do her justice.

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Photo taken after the dinner. I'd taken off my jacket and tie, and untucked my shirt
Well as you probably can gather from all these photos, I am definitely not photogenic. Funny how my face seems oily in some two of the photos even though it isn't.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been forever since I last posted anything, and now, forever and a day later, I'm back. Procrastination, according to my Protestant form teacher, is a sin. I don't know whether it's true, but if it is, I've been doing it a LOT. First there's the issue of not blogging. And while you might nod your head in understanding thinking "Oh, yeah, the mid-years are just round the corner", I would have shake you out of your sagely nodding to tell you that I've not been studying, either. So, I've 1) not been blogging and 2) not been studying, either. It's therefore only right next up to think that I've been really occupied with some really important stuff, right? Well, sorry to disappoint everyone again, I haven't been involved in anything big that involves saving the world from destruction; I've been doing....well nothing much, really. Stoning perhaps, but that's just me, I've never started studying for an exam more than one week before it.

Well then, I've said I haven't been doing anything per se, but I have been involved in something pretty big. You see, Saturday was the date for my uncle's church wedding, so the whole day was taken up, with the church wedding ceremony and lunch in the morning and afternoon and the wedding dinner at Fort Canning Park in the evening. Not that I minded the day being taken up one bit though; it was a really good excuse to destress. Plus, I got to play dress up for once =D. I wore a long sleeved shirt and tie, with black trousers and brown leather shoes in the morning, and a short sleeved brown shirt with a matching jacket in the evening, khaki trousers and the same shoes for the dinner. Oh yeah, did I mention I was lector for the wedding ceremony i.e. I read the Liturgy of the Word? Apparently I was rather good, or so everyone tells me, but I didn't think so, sorta went all throaty with one of the words. Nevermind that.

Promise to post lots of photos asap. =)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Took the 2.4km NAPFA run a couple of days ago, and I'm sorry to report that my timing positively sucks at 13+ minutes. I could've finished the damn thing much faster, but I didn't, choosing to keep to a pace inside my "comfort zone". Damn. And you know what's worse? I freaking wasn't tired after the run, and I still had energy to sprint the last segment. Bloody hell, if only I'd used up all that damn energy, I'm sure it'd be at least a minute faster. Maybe I should retake the run, but I'm just too lazy.

On the bright side though, I'm able to do 8 pull-ups at least now, so that can't be bad.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hmmmm...how to start this post? There's so much to be said, so little time I have to say it. Not to mention that I have to worry about making everything readable and not just gibberish. Oh, and did I mention that I'm using my class iMac? Yep, that's right, I'm typing this in school, as I wait for Jared to go to the school gym. Jian Rui just went down to the canteen to buy food, so I'm the only one in class right now. If I'm caught....I'll just say I'm sending a document in the iMac to my email. I'll still get screwed anyway, since only the IT rep is supposed to be able to access the computer, but I find this rule really stupid. Why'd the principal spent thousands, approaching a million bucks so nobody could use it? Sure, the computer's used for lessons and all, but other than that, it's just gathering dust, so I thought I might as well make full use of the facilities present. But then, after reading all this crap I posted, I've the rather unpleasant job of informing you that the school iMac is not the suject matter of this post. Oh. JR's back. And he's breathing down my neck as I type this.

Well. Enough of that. My main topic for this post is basically to state how pissed I am. Before I can go any further however, a bit of a history lesson is required, but since I don't want to torture the reader too much, I'll sum everything up in point form:

1) I've always hated Math.

2) I've always been failing Math, since Primary 6.

3) I'm now in Sec 4, and Mrs Ng is my Maths teacher.

4) Mrs Ng is biased, unprofessional and a lousy teacher to boot. (this line was originally meant to be a couple of paragraphs long berating my teacher, but I decided against it for the benefit of the reader).

Well, the other points speak for themselves, but I feel that point 4 in particular has to be elaborated a LOT more. I can say someone is lousy, but I have to explain, don't I? Well then. Firstly, Mrs. Ng is lousy simply because most of the time half the class doesn't know what the bloody hell she's talking about. Oh, and she's boring too. Having a boring teacher for a boring subject of which you can't understand anything about is equivalent to a straight F9 for A Maths. Next, I said she's biased an unprofessional. Why? Because when she teaches, she basically only teaches a couple of students in the class, as she shows favouritsm for them. She always makes statements such as "Oh, I really like this boy!", which of course is unprofessional since a teacher is supposed to have no favourites. Of course, being the horrible student I am, who hates studying and fails Maths like nobody's business, Mrs. Ng is biased against me. Well, yeah I know I didn't hand in homework and all, but I got a scolding, didn't I? Besides, I'm really mending my ways, to a certain extent. I'm starting to finish off all the homework I didn't hand in, I pay attention during lessons now, but it seems that once you make a mistake, you're condemned. Bleargh. I never wanted to be liked by her anyway.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just got my contact lenses. Feels pretty ok, except that it was kinda uncomfortable putting it on i.e. had to open my eye till it almost popped out to put on the lenses. Haha. It's surprising how far people go to look better. But then another saying goes to tell us not to stay in our comfort zone.

Parents are supposed to be role models, aren't they? If you think this is going to be a post berating my parents, think again. Heh, I'm not that full of angst about my parents, you know. Only a little, but that's beside the point. Parents are supposed to be the No.1 role model for kids, since they're the ones they look up to. Well, I'm going to cite you an example of one parent who wasn't. No not mine, dummy.

Two days ago, I was part of a group of NPCC Sec4s who volunteered to do road marshalling for the Sec2 subject combination talk for parents. Well, it was after weekly activity and we were all a little tired (well, not me perhaps) and all, plus it was raining. We stood at our assigned places of deployment, wearing only a poncho and an orange vest over it in the rain. The rain poured for a while then stopped. Of course, since we were only wearing ponchos, our trousers and shoe got wet, but never mind that. Apparently the combination talk wasn't the only event happening that night, as there was to be some badminton crap in the primary section. It so happened that when I stopped one car to ask whether the driver, a woman was going for the talk, she bitched at me like I did her some great wrong. The following is the full exchange that was made:

Me: (waves hand to stop car, goes over to window) Good evening, ma'am. Are you here for the subject combination talk?

Woman: (with kid in back seat of car) Nooo, I'm going to the primar school for badminton. I called the school alreadyyy. (drives off immediately)

As you can see, that particular parent stressed the words "No" and "already" in her sentence, talking to me as if I was a particularly irritating salesman.

Me: "Good evening, madam. Would you like to have a look at these new shoes?"

Woman:"No, thank you."

Me:" What about our new range of bags?"

Woman:"No, thanks, I look by myself."

Me: "What about our new-"

Woman:"Nooo, enough alreadyyyy!"

Well as you can see from this case study, it took 3 queries to get someone annoyed. On that occasion however, all I did was as her whether she was parking and she went at me. Worse still, he kid was in the car. I wonder, what is it that some parents teach their children nowadays? To be snobbish?