Sunday, September 30, 2007

Was going to type something else until I saw this, and thought it'd be a waste of all that damned time coming up with the story if nobody ever saw it. Haha. This was one of my submissions for the school's creative writing competition some time back. It's really long, so read only if you have loads of time. If you don't read that's okay too, at least I had a giant filler for a post.


Some say that death comes to a person in the form of his most powerful memory; that one gets to experience the moments that have had the most tremendous impact, even to the extent of sometimes defining one’s life, one final time before all consciousness fades into oblivion. Others say that in death, a coruscating shaft of white light emanating from above illuminates a way into the distance, and going forth into this brilliance allows one to go to heaven. That is, at least what most non-atheists could hope for in the end – living an upright life and moving on into paradise after death. After all, the prospect of one’s soul being swallowed into a flaming abyss of unfathomable depth as retribution for sins committed in the material world is rather horrifying. Still others believe in reincarnation, that a person’s essence remains on but comes into the world once again in a different form.

Mr. John Ambrose Lee, CEO of Apex Technologies Pte Ltd, the largest electronics company in Singapore, was not a religious man. A baptised Catholic – his parents were devout church-goers – his middle Christian name was truncated to a simple “A.” on his name cards, which he left there simply because ‘it looked more sophisticated with the full name like that’. Unlike his faith-driven parents, however, John preferred to spend his Sundays at his country club, for which the hundred thousand dollar membership he was determined to put to maximum use, at a bar, his usual haunt on Saturday nights as well or just simply in bed, sometimes with a woman he’d picked up from the bar the night before. John begrudged the hour or so spent in church with his parents when he was younger, and now that he was free to do whatever he liked he saw no reason to continue to do something against his will. Someday, he told himself, when he settled down, had a family, he’d attend Mass every week, just so the kids would grow up with the right idea. Until then he’d leave things as they were. He’d worked, slogged to bring himself to the level at which he was now – very rich, highly eligible – and held the firm belief that it was his own effort alone that was the reason for his success, It would only be right, then that weekends were for his own leisure and enjoyment, to savour the taste of relaxation as means of a reward for the effort put in during weekdays, wouldn’t it?

Like most people of his status and level of achievements, John was immensely busy. After all, the chief executive officer of a large company could hardly be idle, and he prided himself on being a master of managing his extremely hectic schedule effectively. It brought money, and he had no reason to complain. Gainfully occupied John was so busy he hardly had much time to sit back and think; he lived fully in the moment. Sure he planned ahead, but what he was doing at the moment he would fully concentrate on. Someday, like a once well-oiled machine that was worn out he knew he’d stop because he would no longer be able to carry on, but had the time to think about what would happen then. Probably retire even more filthy rich than before, with a bigger car and house, things like that. One day, like everyone else, he would die. Like everybody else John sometimes thought about what would happen when he died. What would happen then? He never allowed himself more than a fleeting moment to ponder over such things, though. As it was, John was a busy man, who never thought about anything else but work during weekdays and leisure during weekends, and death, or at least thinking about it, as he so convinced himself, could wait.

And then one day, something rather unusual happened.

Rain pounded hard on the roof of the bungalow he lived in that fateful morning, and John, woken by his alarm clock, his essential instrument for punctuality briefly considered staying in bed that morning. But CEOs of large companies had to have more discipline than that, and he dragged himself into the shower, emerging in a crisp suit, ready for the day. Plunging his car keys into the ignition of his rather flashy sports car, he started the engine and drove off on what was supposed to be the routine journey to his office.

It occurred at the exit ramp of the expressway, the one which he took every morning out into the roads in the vicinity of his office. He was anxious to get to the office early as he had a meeting at ten. That meant he had to be there at nine-thirty, a personal principle of his to always be in a meeting room half an hour before it started so he could go through any final details. He didn’t like coming into a meeting at the last minute all flustered and looking for his notes, that was what a CEO didn’t do. He glanced at his watch. Fifteen minutes to go. Subconsciously, his foot buried itself deeper into the acceleration pedal. Visibility was rather poor, but he was confident that he was a good driver.

A deafening crash. The scatter of debris as the car ploughed into the road divider, all hundred and ten kilometres of it. Stabbing pain everywhere. A vague sense of serenity and calm as he flew through the air, thrown through the windscreen like a giant ragdoll. At that instant, for some strange reason John remembered that he’d just wrecked his nine hundred thousand dollar car, and the feeling of calm vanished as he hit the ground with a loud thud. More pain. And then the world went black.

John opened his eyes and blinked. He felt alright; much better than he’d felt in many years, in fact. There wasn’t any pain at all, and he had this feeling of weightlessness about him. Nothing had happened after all, he thought. All of that, the accident, the horrible crunch of his bones hitting the asphalt was a dr-

And then he saw it. The wreckage of his car., twisted and almost unrecognisable as something that was once the king of the roads with its ability to roar from zero to one hundred and twenty in seven seconds. The deformed railings in the area around where his car had struck the road divider separating the ramp, culminating in a section where the metal had been wholly torn off its groundings lent an ominous backdrop under the downpour. His mind now in a confused flurry, John sought for answers in a world which now seemed to be impossible, but before he had time to collect himself, there was a bright flash of light, and this time the world was white.

As his searing irises cleared, John realised that he was no longer at the scene where his accident had occurred. He looked about, and an unspeakable sense of familiarity and déjà vu overwhelmed him.

He was nine, and he was at a theme park. He’d always wanted to try one of those roller coaster rides, but he’d been too young before. Today, on his ninth birthday, he was finally going to get to ride one. He was excited. He’d begged his parents to take him to the theme park as a birthday present, but they weren’t so sure that he could cope at first. His persistence made them give in, though. Now here he was, staring wide-eyed as he stood in the queue for the ride. He wasn’t going to do it alone, of course. His dad would take the ride with him. As he and his dad climbed into the seats while the attendant pulled the cushioned metal bar that would keep them in during the ride, John watched his adolescent self from afar. What was this? A travesty of his fondest memory? As the cars of the ride came one full round and his dad hoisted his small frame out of the seat, the adult John went over to himself and leaned in to listen. If this was truly one of his memories, surely its defining aspect would be there. “Wow, Dad, that was great!” exclaimed the young John, the joy evident on his face. Dad smiled serenely, gave John a deep look which he remembered all throughout his life - and even now, as he stood beside himself – and messed up his hair with the palm of his hand. “You’ll go far in life, John.”

He had no idea what had spurred his dad to say that. As it was, those words he kept in his heart all these years, a target set for him by his father that gave him motivation when he felt that things were hopeless. No, it wasn’t just a goal, it was his father’s wish and prediction that John would have a bright future, and somehow it always gave him assurance. As John reminisced with the scene of his memory playing right before his eyes, something suddenly caught his attention. A shaft of white light giving off a soft glow had appeared to his left, and intuitively John knew that he was supposed to walk into the light. A step forward, then another. Was this the clichéd light that was going to bring him to heaven? He didn’t exactly believe in heaven, but he didn’t know what to believe now. He hesitated. If this was what it was, did he really want to go just like that? He’d worked so hard to get where he was today, and it would all be taken away so quickly? No, he told himself. Not yet. He didn’t know if the choice was his, but there were so many things he had to do. Turning his back on the light, he took one step away, and he promptly felt himself falling, falling into a pitch black abyss, and someway along the way he slipped into an unconsciousness that was a welcome respite from the feeling of leaving his stomach behind.

Pain flooded John’s body as he opened his eyes. He tried moving, but stopped trying almost immediately from the pain. He groaned. Where was he? Swivelling his eyeballs, he surveyed the plain white ceiling. His face and most of his body seemed to be wrapped in bandages. A hospital, then. “Ah, Mr. Lee, I see that you are awake.” If John hadn’t been so immobile he would have jumped, but he only gritted his teeth. “How are you feeling?” came the voice again, as the face of a man clad in a white coat swam into view. When no reply came, the doctor continued. “You’re a very lucky man to be alive, Mr. Lee. You were thrown clean out of your car from the impact of your accident, and you survived. Don’t worry, I fully expect you to make a full recovery.” “Th-thank you.” And then the doctor was gone. John thought hard. Two weeks later after he was discharged he was still thinking. Had all of that he’d seen, his third-person experience of that memory, the light and then the fall, been real, or nothing but a figment of his subconscious? He didn’t have the answers, and he didn’t know what to believe.

Soon enough, John got back to work. It wasn’t because he was a workaholic, but rather that the constant pondering without fruition made him want to go back just so he could take his mind off it. It did not work. He was distracted; lunch hours were spent grabbing a quick bite before settling down at the nearby café to his office with a cup of coffee and the day’s newspaper in hand, but he only found his mind wandering back to the incident. He couldn’t concentrate while in the office, and was listless when he wasn’t. This went on for a few months until it became almost unbearable.

And then one day, John finally found the answer to the strange near-death phenomenon he had experienced. He was driving along Thomson Road en route back home in his new convertible with the top down. Oddly enough, the new car gave him no satisfaction although it should have. It was about six in the evening on a Sunday, and as he drove past the church there the bells started tolling. Suddenly, he knew. It was a calling, for him to finally believe in something he never really believed in. Something he know knew to be true. His hands slightly trembling, John made the U-turn which would take him back towards the church he had driven past. He could barely contain his excitement as he pulled the handbrake and stopped the car in the parking lot. Almost jumping out of the car, John picked up the one essential item he knew to be the key to the answer and practically ran towards the church building. That day, John Ambrose Lee found his calling to go back to church.

The next Sunday, John was back as his country club, the one-time visit and donation of one million dollars written on a single cheque from his chequebook, the key to his answer - with his request to remain anonymous, of course - putting his mind finally at ease.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gee, where to start?

I went to Kovan mac today with Muthu with the intention of covering maths up to differentiation. And by 'covering' I mean revising and then doing questions from the revision practice questions booklet I have. Ended up only reading through up to system of linear equations because I started feeling really sick and couldn't concentrate.

I think smokers in general can be absolutely the most inconsiderate bastards. We were sitting outside mac cause there weren't any seats inside, and tonight was horrible. The large sign says "No Smoking AREA" and not "No Smoking TABLE", but those people obviously have comprehension abilities of a 3 year-old because some either chose to ignore the sign and smoke AT the tables, and others smoked at the metal bench NEXT to the tables which was the same thing really. And the smokers who came to the benches never stopped coming. First it was this old butch with two women , then it was two guys, then another group, then this bunch of delinquents whose girlfriends came after that and smoked with them. Then there were those few at the end who were there throughout. When the two guys came I started sweating and feeling sick, so I went for a walk to the 7-11 nearby. Then I came back and it was alright for all of two minutes before more smokers came. The smoke kept coming and then I was sweating nonstop with the sweat literally flowing down my face and soaking my shirt. Managed to find a seat inside at about 10 plus, about 3 hours after I met Muthu. I felt sick and I'd only done two questions of maths, both of which I had to call Hao Feng just to ask him because I didn't know how to do them.

Okay I'm sorry if that was really boring, but I had to get it off my chest somehow, and there wasn't a more interesting way to put it across because it was so effed up.

It was scary that throughout all of that, I almost forgot about Him, and it was Gen who really cheered me up when I felt seriously pissed and stressed and reminded me that I should talk to God. So I said a short prayer and felt better after that.

And God provided! The moment after I prayed I was thinking to myself that I needed happy food, and up till now the thing I like at McCafe is the apple crumble. The thing is that up till when I asked for something to help calm me down there weren't any apple crumbles, and then after that short prayer I went to have a look and THERE WAS ONE. That cheered me up a bit more too. I know I sound overly religious but I really think it was awesome, so amen to that.

So yeah today was total crap in terms of revision, but I guess I gained stuff too eh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twisted my ankle this morning while I was out for a run. Yes tomorrow's Physics. Yes I was out running. I've got skinnies to look good in, you know.

It was all that damn papaya tree's fault.

I was running along Bartley Road near Maris Stella, some random route I picked cause I was tired of running on a damn track at the park, and was planning to run for about half an hour or so like I did on Sunday night (38 min 40s), when I saw this papaya tree outside this terrace house. I was looking at it and observing that the bottom fruit were covered in black plastic bags when I tripped. Effing retarded la. So damn lame, both literally and figuratively cause then I had to walk all the way home with a slight limp instead of running. Ended up running only for about 14 minutes or so, which was really a waste.

When I buy over Bartley Road when I grow up, I'm going to burn that damn tree down.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Retail therapy today was pretty shiok, but burnt an uber hole in my pocket.

Lunch at Fish and Co $14+
T- shirt $14.50
Skinny jeans $103
Thousand Foot Krutch's new album $30

Do the math yourself, but it's quite frightening to see what I can spend at one shot. And I was out STUDYING today. Eh I did study okay. Hahaha.

The next salient argument that would arise is that I won't look good in skinnies. And $103 for them, too. Well I don't look good in anything so I'll leave the worrying till after promos when I get serious about the exercise eh. And obviously my mom'd kill me if I told her the jeans cost a hundred bucks. If a $29.90 T shirt's too expensive, or a $59 pair of jeans for that matter, a hundred bucks is a giant donation to the clothing company. So when I show them to her there'll be a fabulous discount on the price of course.

Okay off to take a nap.

Friday, September 21, 2007

GP today went suprisingly well, partly because I wasn't feeling worried about stuff here and there like for midyears =) Finished both the essay and compre components with time to spare. I hope I'll get an A this time around.

Thank you God. I prayed He'd let me finish and He did, with time to spare. Cool or what.

My forearm is peeling. Gross la.

Note to self:

Must chiong exercising after promos.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

One more day to promos, and surprisingly what I'm worried about is ironically not being worried.

In the past:



"Eh promos tomorrow start ah, aiya ok lor"

And it's not that I'm really prepared so I'm sure I can get good grades and all. BECAUSE I'M NOT. That's the truth here, I'm not one of those closet muggers who keep saying they don't study but actually do whole closetfuls of it. I'm stuck at functions (hi sec4 topic) for Maths, have only revised 2 chapters of Chem and totally suck at Physics cause I've no idea how to do most questions I see. Oh the joy of feeling screwed for exams.

Of course, I'll have to wait till promos actually START tomorrow when I realise after the first paper how everything's so screwed to actually panic.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm going to skip school tomorrow to study! I'm still really far behind in revision, so I hope it'll be really productive tomorrow for me.

I super need to exercise because I've been eating loads of stuff the past few days. Earle Swensens on Sunday, lots of snacking on Monday and today. I keep eating even when I'm not hungry. Not good, not good.

I still can't believe I'm so lucky. Hahaha.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I need new stuffs!

A pair of jeans (black)
New shoes (slip-ons)
A T shirt
A long sleeved shirt

Okay I'm damn tired. Bye.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello. Andrew is the happiest guy on Earth right now. 15 September marks the day.


Okay off to continue practising mass ordinaries for tomorrow's (later's) youth mass.

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's 1.40 am on a school night and I was feeling so damn stressed out. Been doing PW written report for two hours and forty minutes and it's no joke when you have to do most of the stuff yourself. There was one point where I drifted off and accidentally deleted some stuff (which I undid, duh) before the caffeine from the coffee I drank kicked in. Kudos to Hao Feng and Yi Tong for the help though. I'd have dropped dead without the support =)

I'm still feeling stressed out because:

1) I need to study

2) I've got mass ordinaries to practice and I'm playing this Saturday

3) I have no time to do (2)

4) I'm tired


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Okay so the past few days have been really unproductive. I tried to study, I did. But I just couldn't concentrate. Today was cause I was so tired I was falling asleep while reading a single paragraph, so I went home to sleep. Yesterday there was totally no time because there was PW to be done. The day before I was stoning, and only managed to do 2 questions in as many hours.

Had a short training after school for an hour plus today. It was supposed to be mainly maintenance of weapons but I decided it'd be good to practice a little bit. If anything my skills still remain, so that can't be bad.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Otherwise I'm screwed.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Funeral for a Friend was pretty awesome stuff. Didn't stick downstairs with the mosh pit though; watched the entire thing from the balcony upstairs where the view was better and, well where we didn't have to mosh. Haha. They definitely can play live. Sure, some parts were dubbed but that doesn't change the fact the the lead vocalist can still sing live. And their lead guitarist is zomg. His fingers were crawling all over the fretboard like an overexcited spider. Really cool stuff, the band is. And they played loads of hits in addition to their new album's songs too!

While we're talking about bands performing and stuff, let's talk about moshing. Haha. I for one don't mosh, and people who do say that it's the music that allows them to lose control, be really free blablabla. In short they're trying to say that it's a tribute to the music, because they let themselves go fully along with it. What I don't understand is that how letting oneself go could mean crouching and flailing your arms around so that you hit people. Or shoving and punching people, all of which happened last night. I've seen it before, yeah, but to see people doing stuff like that is always somewhat eye-opening. If you decide to get all excited and jump and raise your hands in the air, fine, but I don't think 'letting yourself go' is a good excuse to lose your humanity. The guy flailing his arms about ended up having a small circle about him because people obviously didn't want to get hit. He could've been possessed for all I knew, and maybe a good kick to his balls would've done him good. If it was a girl doing it, that'd be more disturbing, and maybe putting her in a corner to quiet down might help. You can't hit girls, you see.

In short, it's totally fine with me to go with the flow of the music played by the band that's up on stage, but is it that hard to play nice? And Funeral for a Friend was the shizz (again).

That's all =)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Avalon - Testify To Love

For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love
I'll be a witness in the silences when words are not enough
With every breath I take I will give thanks to God above
For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love

Hello. This is just a chorus of a song which I keep listening to lately. The first time I heard the song I sorta groaned inside because the music was so bubblegum, but I guess it grew on me. Won't post the entire song lyrics because you'd probably just skim past the whole thing without reading anything. Haha. This song reminds me of that sign in the school audi, a quotation by St Iranaeus which says 'The Glory of God is the human person fully alive'. Interesting, and I definitely want to be a testament and witness to God's love no matter what =)

Yesterday was both productive and really fun. Met Gen to go study; I decided I'd be half an hour early and she half and hour late because she couldn't find her atm card which turned out to be in her wallet. Hahaha. Self-jack. We were supposed to go to the national library to study, but the place was like saturated with people (hello RJC) so we ended up walking along the streets to see if Miss Clarity Cafe was open (it wasn't). Ended up over at Suntec City. Ha.

Talked quite a bit over lunch at Pastamania, then went back to study over at a foodcourt table, which surprisingly was rather conducive. We left at about five plus cause I wanted to go over to the Comex show and take a few photos for PW (no I haven't forgotten, just no time and too lazy, heh) and then we were supposed to go for Amplify. Ended up not going because we'd walked all over the place looking for the right bus stop, even asking the galleria service counter lady where to go. After more than half an hour of waiting for bus 107 we realised we would definitely be really really late if we went, so we didn't go. Decided to catch a movie at Marina Square where I saw Keith and Hui Xin instead, and Evan Almighty was really cheesy and unbelievable and all, but I guess it left a kinda warm fuzzy feeling inside at the end of it. And some of the stuff said in the movie was really true, too. If we ask something from God, he doesn't give us the stuff we ask for straight, does he? He gives us the opportunities to get them. How true.

Chased fireworks and ran all over the place looking for a place to get a cab after that, but ended up taking a train to AMK to get one instead. It's like impossible getting a cab at the Marina area at night, I tell you. Haha.

Loads of fun, and it didn't feel ill-deserved cause we studied! So yes, thanks for everything Gen =)

I haven't figured out a way to tell my mom exactly that I'm going for Funeral for a Friend's concert tonight. Ahhhhhh.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

God, help me to be a better friend. I couldn't do anything to help.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Jeweler's Shop was....well I don't know how to describe it in so many words. The play itself which offered food for thought in many ways, there was the cultured arty-farty feeling you get when you watch such stuff, and of course the great company =)

Ah, I know how to describe it now. It was a brilliant way to spend an evening.

If you asked me what the play's about, I might have a little difficulty answering you. It's about relationships, about love, about how marriage is a union where two become one, and yet the one remains two. It is about how insouciance and apathy, and non admission and denial can ruin a relationship. It is about how love is the true weight of man.

Pardon me but I do think I'm describing it rather superficially. But it was pretty cool, and at Raffles Hotel Jubilee Hall, which positively connoted high class. Haha. But that's not the point. The point is that the play, written by Pope John Paul II who passed away is definitely worth watching.

I've now got a rather glowing disposition. Because I'm sunburnt and my face is oily. That's what happens when you're in full uniform taking your cadets for a drill test for 4 hours. All of that yelling and scolding. I guess it'd be a side of me people don't usually see. But I do it if I need to. And I needed to today. So yeah, all in a day's work I guess. Though I'd much have preferred an all round-tan and not just a face and forearm burn.

A bunch of new albums but no way to put the songs into my mp3 player cause my CD drive's screwed and I can't rip the songs into my computer. That totally sucks.

Anyway. Peekchers!

Photos of my Bintan trip. Long time coming, I guess. The sandcastles you see weren't made by me. It just so happened that there was this ongoing competition or something then, so I took a few photos. There were other nicer sand structures though.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's a photo of a Teacher's Day card which I made. This one was for Mr Li. I made 3 different cards in total, but this is the only photo I have now.

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Some random old pic of some of my classmates.
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Note: This is a freakishly long post about lots of stuff.

I believe I speak for everyone except the ah bengs and ah lians who love pink and express their liking for each other in horribly idiotic and act-cute ways, when I say that they're quite cringe-inducing. I had some random person view me on Friendster just now, and when I checked the person's profile to see if she was someone I knew, I got this in her shoutout:

"miissyybbabiipiinkelement# l0veees bbabii caTcaTtx miia0miia0oo =x me0wwx~ =.=* Zzz sshhZzz ... kuukuuluux =x :::ddawndawnn::: muaiii h3arTtx iishhzx menddx furhhhx sUm1 whuux karrex ferrx miiex tuux rec0verrx ..."


1) Nobody damn bloody well talks like that. I can't type like that even if I tried. It'd just come out fake. And nobody wants to be an ah lian, much less a fake one. Okay maybe not ah lian, just absolutely...ugh.

2) Why would anyone type like that? Is making things harder to read for people remotely interesting? It's not cute, not cool, and extremely excruciating. I don't understand.

3) To type such a long cryptic message is worthy of a pat on the back. With a ten foot pole covered with a glove at the end of it.


Today was rather eventful. Let's start off with what happened in the morning. I was SUPPOSED to meet the other officers at 9am over at Toa Payoh Mac's. I ended up meeting them at 10.15am because of some very valid reasons. I'll carry on by first saying I reached Toa Payoh at slightly before nine. There, nice and slow.

Okay. Then I went over to the Mac's at HDB Hub. They weren't there, so because I knew there were 2 Mac's at TP (there are actually THREE), I thought maybe it'd be the other one. So on the way to see if they were at the Mac's in front of TP Library, I got myself a prepaid card. I wanted to call them, and the inconvenience of not being able to message was unbearable already. Walked over to the other Macdonald's and ound nobody there. Which I found absolutely weird because it was already 9.20. Walked back to the HDB Hub one again, and still couldn't find them. Was feeling frustrated so I walked out into the bus interchange and decided to set up my phone and call them. Savvy so far?

I'd just slotted the prepaid card into my phone when suddenly this dishrevelled guy came up to me and asked me if I could spare him a few bucks for food in Chinese. When somebody just comes up to you like that and immediately asks you for money without saying anything else, well I said no. So this guy asks if he could borrow my phone for a phone call. I looked at the phone with the new card, looked at him and thought that it was all pretty screwed up. I didn't begrudge him the phone call and lent it to him at first because I thought it'd be a quick 20-second call. The call took 25 minutes. I'm serious.

But now let me explain why I'm not angry. I was rather pissed at first, because past the 2 minute mark he obviously had no regard that he was using somebody else's handphone, and this somebody was in a rush and using a new prepaid card for which calls were expensive. Proceeded to argue with his mother on the phone, I got more and more angry by the second. I could hear that he had lots of problems from everything he said, but still, what bullshit luck right?

At the ten-minute mark I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he could make it a little quicker. I think I'll mention that all throughout the 25 minutes he talked, he spoke rather loudly and gestured wildly with his hands when talking.

And then it occured to me after a while. Maybe God was the one who sent him to me. Let me explain.

Throughout his conversation I learnt some things about this man. He'd just been released from prison, where he spent the last three years. He'd spent some years in the mental hospital before that. He was angry with his mom because she told the judge stuff that apparently made it so long, and he didn't want to go home. He talked about getting treatment at IMH, and that he had the right not to go home, it wasn't against the law and his mother, or the police or government if she called them up couldn't do anything about it. He could bathe and settle things himself; he'd taken a bath already. He wouldn't go home, because he'd argue with her at home until there was the possibilty he'd kill her. He didn't want that. He mentioned something about a weapon that could kill. A wooden stick, that when filled with mercury could kill if it broke while hitting someone with it (not feasible in my opinion, but that doesn't matter). He told her to go to work. The judge that sentenced him, the police and anyone else couldn't make him go home because it wasn't against the law. His sentence was done, and he wasn't doing anything illegal. Told his mom to pretend as if he were still in mental hospital or prison where she wouldn't be afraid that he'd do anything. Said he wouldn't. His mom didn't believe him. And they argued about many things. And the clock ticked away. Frustration until that moment of realisation.

I think God sent him to me because. This was obviously a man who had a pretty shitty life. What if he went up to someone else to ask for that phone call? I'm not saying I'm some saint here. But maybe God knew that I wasn't the type of person to begrudge someone a phone call if he really needed it. And slowly that frustration gave way to acceptance. At the end of the phone call he told his mother he still wouldn't go home, but he would call her twice a day to show he wasn't getting into any trouble in society. At the end of the incident he gave me my phone back, muttered a thank you and turned to walk away. I called after him and gave him 2 bucks. It was the right thing to do, you see.

I gave someone in trouble an opportunity to lessen his problems slightly without doing much, and in return God taught me patience and greater sympathy, and created the chance for me to do actually do something about this sympathy. And thr more I think about it the more awesome it becomes. Killing two birds with one stone! More than fair exchange I suppose. Though it was rather expensive. The guy used up the 20 bucks of my card value. Haha. So I bought a top-up. And then realised there was actually another 20 bucks bonus value in the present card. Oh well.

Right anyway so I went for the meeting one hour plus late. I don't regret it though. And I had to leave early to meet Aaron and the others for lunch to commemorate my birthday. I can't say celebrate because it's been too long since my birthday already. Kuishinbo japanese buffet. Good food. Big bill. What more to say? Oh and thanks for the presents, guys. I've only received one of them cause the rest are with Eugene but it doesn't matter. Haha.

Was supposed to go for Wei-Lyn's church barbecue. Didn't in the end cause I was feeling tired and my mom called me up and asked why I wasn't back. I didn't tell her about the thing cause it's a Christian church and she's a bit against Christians cause of some misconceptions. But that's another story. I feel bad cause I said I'd go and in the end I didn't.

Yay I can finally start studying tomorrow!

I'm getting more and more screwed by the day. Almost everybody has started studying for promos. Ben, Lanz and the rest have been going for 3 hour night study sessions in school for a pretty long time, and I'm getting this urgent feeling of trepidation because I'm being left behind.

I was supposed to start studying on Thursday no matter what, and of course I didn't. Then I told myself it'd surely be Friday. It's Saturday today and I'm not free to study because I've got a meeting later on with the officers, then I'll be out the rest of the day. It's nobody's fault but my own, of course. I'm just to lazy to start studying on my own, you see.

Shit la 3 weeks or less to promos. How.