Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Had our third ever and final PW meeting as a group today, and everything looks to be all set. It's rather funny how my group started off like total crap, putting in minimal effort and all, but ended up with a fairly good presentation in my opinion. Haha. Tomorrow's the oral presentation, and I think my group has a pretty good show lined up. Our 5 minute group presentation segment was super last minute, and the ideas just popped into my head during our second meeting. Everything was done up in a couple of days. Awesome la.

Went to Chinatown today and searched for glutinous rice balls. Yeah, tangyuan. Eventually had it at the a-balling stall on Food Street. Pretty good stuff. Walked from Chinatown to Far East Square near Raffles Place for the fun of it, and then a long bus ride back. Doesn't seem like much, now that I put it here, but it was rather enjoyable.

Countdown to India OCIP trip: 15 days. I'm excited over the trip, but at the same time there's just one regret. I've no doubt it'll be an excellent experience, though.

I'm still the luckiest guy on this planet, and the feeling doesn't feel like it's ever going to fade.

Okay I'm feeling sleepy now. Bye.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today was the last official day of school. Yeah I still need to go back for OP dry runs before the actual thing, OCIP meetings, that damned Chinese exam and all that. But the significance of the end of one entire school year isn't lost on me, and this year held some of the most awesome times in my life. When we were clearing up the classroom and Lanz was next to me, he remarked that one year had gone by so fast. And yeah so it has. So it has. This is the part where I, as well as you, the reader get all nostalgic and think of all that's happened the past year. Haha.

The day's program started off with a home tutorial period where we were given envelopes with our names to be written on them and pieces of paper. Then we were supposed to pass the envelopes around and have everyone write something about you on a piece of paper that was to be placed into your envelope, which was then passed on to the next person to do the same. So at the end of it you were to get your envelope back, now filled with notes from all your classmates. Anyway I thought it was a pretty interesting activity, so I guess I didn't spare the effort in writing notes to my classmates. Ended up holding up a whole bunch of envelopes at my desk cause I took so long to write the notes, but I'm not sorry for it cause I'm at least satisfied that some thought went into what I wrote. Some heartfelt notes from my classmates to me too, and the envelope with all the pieces of paper is something I'll always keep. =)

Friendship. Something that I hold so close to my heart.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I am feeling fucked up over PW. I'm supposed to be doing it now instead of blogging but what the hell.

What I need now, if nothing else, is more time.

I haven't exactly been a good leader because I've always been last minute in finishing stuff. PI, GPP, EoM and then WR were all done with the minimal possible effort because, well I could. I guess being fairly proficient at the language helps. But it's just really frustrating when your group members don't participate. Yeah it's great that two actually put in diligent effort to do up stuff, but I'm just so tired of attempting to delegate and then finding that things don't get done, even if I try to follow up. And there's no possibilty of not delegating and having a group discussion. Because when I try I have to keep pushing for responses and I feel like an idiot.

I'm just so tired of this.

Right so the session in CJC went alright, except for one part where I super zaoxia-ed and kept laughing along with everyone cause it really was super off. But a good experience, and I'm thankful for the opportunity. Haha I've many things to be thankful for.

And I've agreed to lead worship back at St. Anne's. I was asked to do it and I was just a little hesitant again for some reason. So I asked for a sign that God wanted me to try again and I got it in the form of Daniel, who said he'd heard about what I did on Thursday's session and asked if I would be doing the one for St. Anne's. I guess if you look at it like that it doesn't seem like much of a sign, but then again it would've been so easy that we wouldn't have met and the conversation would never have happened, no?

Anyway I registered with the National Youth Team already, so I'll be getting a weapon assigned to me and starting training proper soon.

I'm sick and tired of PW, and I can't be bothered to elaborate why here. I'm sorry if my posts seem boring nowadays, it's just that I'm busy and tired and all that, so yeah. I guess I've been neglecting some committments as well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Been either really busy or too tired to find time to update, but I didn't want this blog to rot, so here's one.

Monday was absolutely awesome, every single moment of it.

I was asked by Matthias on behalf of the Catholic Activities people in the student council to help plan and lead a short praise and worship session as part of a follow up to the JC1 retreat, and I was a little hesitant initially because I'd never done it before, I'd be (zomg) singing, and I wasn't sure I was up to it. But I guess God has His way with everything and as it is, I'm going to lead tomorrow. Yesterday was the first time the band practised together, and it looked to be really screwed at first, because the amps and mikes and stuff were locked up somewhere and we couldn't get the keys because the OM was off somewhere. That meant that (we were told) we couldn't have the bass, and only one guitar had an amp. Things were looking pretty bad and increasingly worse and I was seriously thinking about dropping to acoustics for a while when all of a sudden, when all looked lost, the stuff came in! So Amen to that because it was pretty awesome =)

And everything came together the first practice we had. We've had just two practices together, and the teachers said they were impressed today when they came to have a look-see. I'm relieved, I guess, and I think it's going to go fine tomorrow. Haha.

Okay I'm just gonna end here cause I'm really tired even though it's only 10.30pm.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been a bit of time since I last updated, partly cause I've been busy, partly cause I didn't have much of a mood to blog for some reason, and perennially cause I've been lazy.

I'm quite sad that Ben's gone back. For those of you who don't know, Ben Wong's my classmate, who left this morning to go back to Australia, and a couple of us classmates went to see him off, along with a large group of his friends. I wasn't particularly close to him, and I'm a little sorry for that, but I'll seriously miss him anyway, because he's just this really great guy to be around, and he brought life to the class. Sure there's still Hao Feng and everyone else, but it won't ever be the same.

I'm definitely going to promote after all, but I still can't really get over Econs. There was Econs lect the other day and we went through the paper, and when I saw the question I knew how to do it when I got stumped in the exam. Which was crap cause I studied, expected an A and then not being able to think straight in the exam made me flunk. Effed up, but I'm not going to cry over spilt milk, so yeah what's done's done.

And I hit 550 for training already! Haha. Looking to make it something that's consistent and reproducible in a competition situation.

I can't wait for Monday to come.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Okay so yesterday was a shambles cause Econs was so fucked up.

Was feeling rather emo cause I ironically screwed up for the subject that I was the most prepared for, not in terms of hours put into studying but in thorough understanding. And I did understand the concepts, but when I attempted the essay question...eh well I'm not going to bother to explain here. I was kinda scared that I might really retain so I was rather stoned throughout the day.

But no use crying over spilt milk, and I practice what I preach, so I'm feeling loads better now =) Bought HALO 3 and a new polo tee, and I'm totally broke at the moment. Well into negative figures cause I owe Hao Feng money, in fact. Not good.

Okay I'm just going to end here cause I can't think of anything else to say.