Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm typing this as my laptop burns the final version of my Econs project onto CD.

I'm going to get a single digit mark for the Math CA. Not so much that I didn't study, it's just that I quite simply have always sucked at Maths. That's no excuse of course.
A good thing that happened was that I finally learnt how to string a guitar. Thanks Wei-Lyn and Liselle for the help. But as to everything because there is always two sides to a coin, when there is light there must be darkness, when there's good there's bad too. I'm just trying to confuse you with bullshit here, don't mind me. Anyway I'm trying to say that a bad thing was that while trying to cut of the excess string, I accidentally slashed some laquer off the wood, blunting a penknife and scissors in the process. The excess's still there.

Went bowling after school with my classmates today, and managed to trick persuade them to play at Kovan Superbowl, which is about a 5 minute's walk from my house . Surprisingly Wei-Lyn went too. Had fun, though that 166 score was a bit of luck.

Haven't done my homework (again). Ah well, first 6 weeks only right?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I've finally finished that damned Econs project. Well sort of. I've saved it as a movie file already, but it's nowhere near the mark I'd hoped for. Screw it.

Today was.....messy, to say the very least.

Supposed plan:

First go visit somebody, skipping catechism class in the process. Then meet Maureen to teach her Chem and Bio and study.

What happened:

Realised that I'd only be able to stay at the person's house for about half an hour and nobody was going. Decided not to go and went out with Aaron, still skipping class in the process because I already said I wasn't going for class. My mom still thought I'd be visiting that person cause I didn't want to keep messing things up, so I just kept quiet. Of course it got more messy. Went bowling after that with my godparents, sisters and Maureen, who so happens to be my godsisters' aunt. Met my supposedly 'other godfamily' there. They're nice people.

Incoherent? I think not.

Also I spent a whole ton of cash today, like 80 bucks. First it was some CD of a band I'd never even heard of before; went into HMV, listened to the CD and just bought it just like that. Another 18 bucks went to Muthu's present. Then it was off to Far East where I bought a TBS T-shirt and bought a Finch album. Ordered yet another album from the guy. I've got Anberlin's album already coming in, and I'm adding a Senses Fail one to that. Caught Epic Movie after that, which was totally nonsensical. Quite funny too I guess.

Too lazy to update on what happened after that. Haha.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I wanted to have a look at the 6 pointer's Econs project rather badly, so:

Andrew - piniapello says:
you mind burning into a cd for me?

Andrew - piniapello says:
haha cause i really want to have a look

) aggie says:
eh eh

Andrew - piniapello says:

) aggie says:

) aggie says:
i cant burn lar.

Andrew - piniapello says:

) aggie says:
i went to school to burn

) aggie says:
i saved my file in my mp3

) aggie says:
then bring to sch

Andrew - piniapello says:

Andrew - piniapello says:
so creative ar

) aggie says:
buy cdR from bookshop

) aggie says:
then go library burn

) aggie says:

Andrew - piniapello says:
hahahaha pun!

Andrew - piniapello says:
get it?

Andrew - piniapello says:

Andrew - piniapello says:

Andrew - piniapello says:

Andrew - piniapello says:
ok lame

Andrew - piniapello says:

) aggie says:

) aggie says:

) aggie says:
i didnt realise

) aggie says:

) aggie says:
you're lamer than me

Andrew - piniapello says:

Andrew - piniapello says:
like duh

So no, I'm not going to get to see her project (hopefully I can still find a way?), but now you know something more about me. Haha.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just finished watching a couple of episodes of Prison Break. Season 2. Heh. Shiok la. <3 Aaron for lending it to me.

Spending the day over at Aaron's with good friends was obviously fun. I'm the kind of guy who can enjoy doing nothing as long as I'm with friends, because sometimes it's the company that matters, but hell what we did today was damn fun also. Our group consisted of KY, Yi He, Lian Kai, Nicholas, Adrian and obviously Aaron and myself. Alcoholic drinks supplied by Aaron's dad ^_^. He's seriously the hippest dad I've seen la, like he relates well to all of us so easily man.

Gambling was obviously part of today's activities. Heh, normally I don't gamble but it's CNY right? Besides I didn't gamble at all these past few days, even at my grandmother's. We started off with range, in which I somehow managed to score a deficit of $26 (I got a king when my range was ace to queen etcetc? WTF), after which I quit and they stopped after a couple more rounds. The money pool was bloody ridiculous la. Watched Beerfest the movie after that when LK came, it's some mindless show which is oddly funny. Haha.

After that it was on to blackjack and my luck took a 180 degree turn. Amazingly, I managed to recoup everything back and earn a net gain of $13. God was helping me gamble, and Adrian was my lucky charm. LOL. And LK was being really clever betting so much at one shot.

Had dinner with the rest after that even though I was damn full, what with all that CNY goodies. Shit la. New Year's resolution to lose weight down the drain. Oh wait, I'll just make it my Chinese New Year resolution eh?

Feel like posting up pictures I took of Aaron all pink from the drinks and all, he looks a fantastic shade of colour since he's white, but I'm too lazy at the moment.

Back to school tomorrow! Good thing obviously is that I'll see my friends. Bad would be those damned lectures I have to endure. Not all of them are horrible, but some really are excruciating. Oh wait, it's not so bad if I don't attend right? =X

It's 9.36am right now, and I'm going over to Aaron's house in a bit =D

Then we get to jack Adrian and Yi He more with those dumb 'games' that we played over at my house on Sunday. Heh.

My hair is currently damn emo. Well it's not long, but it's got that pressed down look. I think I'll leave it and go out like this. Haha.

I need to use the toilet.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's the first day of Chinese New Year and I'm blogging? Well I've got nothing better to do, and I don't plan to do any homework just yet. Visited my grandmother's and that was it, cause basically all my relatives gather there anyway. One stop red packet collection centre during CNY, one stop present collection centre during Christmas. Convenient eh.

I've fallen hopelessly into the pit of 'aiyah-it's-only-the-first-3-months'. Technically PAE isn't 3 months anymore, just 6 weeks, but I guess humans are creatures of habit. So 'first three months' it is, and 'effing screwed' i have become again. Homework isn't done, tests are being flunked, don't know shit, don't give a damn. The vicious cycle all over again. How bloody brilliant is that? I even manage to sleep during Chem tutorials now, and hell my Chem tutor is one of my favourite teachers. I really must stop.

Feeling rather bored right now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

These past few days have been a odd cram of events. It was Valentine's a couple of days ago, then it was Total Defence Day the next day, and now it's CNY already? Weird.

Well today was a pretty short day in school, which didn't mean I came home early. In fact I've only just come home. Haha.

Went for Mass in school in the morning, had 2 periods of lessons after that and then it was a CNY celebration programme in the Performing Arts Centre. Lunched after that with some of my classmates, then took some neoprints. The amount of pink in so-called 'print shops' is excruciating. Haha.

Met Aaron and Muthu for a session of pool after that, before meeting LK too at Far East. Bought a 'The Used' T shirt there. Planning to buy lots more T shirts of bands. Went to peninsula plaza to look at shoes and then to PS to meet Matthias, Liselle, Xavier and Yi Lin for dinner. Bought clothes for CNY there.

All in all, a pretty productive day?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, if you give a damn about it. Wasn't too happy with the way things were done with the flowers I ordered. Yes, flowers with a 's'. For people, not person so don't get all excited. Anyway I got one for every girl in class, 8 of them so the cost wasn't too unmanageable, I guess. I just thought it was a nice thing to do. My gripe with it was the fact that they delivered it for me, like the entire bunch during Chinese lesson when we were having some stupid test. I'd indicated that I wanted to collect and hand out the flowers myself, damn it, because to me it's all about sincerity. Call me emo, I don't care.

I received one in return, too. I'm only sorry I had to throw it away prematurely because it kinda was already dead after school. It's no fun looking forlorn carrying a cheery yellow flower which has gone all limp and flaccid. Kept the small vial of water at the end of the stalk, though. Rather interesting contraption, I must say. If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'm not going to explain. Haha.

I've been selected formally into the air pistol team. I was considering trying for pistol cause

1) it's way cheaper; you don't need a thousand bucks for a damn suit
2) less competition maybe? not as many national shooters with sick scores
3) still damn fun

So I tried it out for the very first time using a proper air pistol stance. The rest is recent history I guess. The coach had a look, told our air pistol captain, "Please welcome your new member of the team" and that was it. So I'll be training at Yishun SAFRA in the very near future instead of at school.

Last but not least remember when I said that I'd bought Fall Out Boy's new album? Here's a pic of the cover:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry couldn't resist ^_^

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If it wouldn't hurt and result in a horrific haemorrhage in my lungs, I'd take a damn vacuum cleaner, shove it down my throat and use it to suck all that damn phlegm out.

Chest congestion's getting worse, and my voice is still missing from its proper pitch. I get a constant feeling of a slight choking effect because of all that mucus in my throat. Coughing doesn't really help because it just doesn't come out or anything. Bloody hell, it's damn idiotic.

I'm going to learn the electric guitar! Soon, I hope. Haha.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Screw it la, can't donate blood this Wednesday anymore.

Now that sentence alone would be really weird if I let it hang, so I feel some need to explain myself. We're having a blood donation this Wednesday in school, and I was all for donating, simply because I thought it'd be a nice thing to do (I obviously don't have an ulterior motive for wanting to donate blood, what'd I get, money?). But now it looks like I'm not going to be able to because my cough's gotten worse. I can't even talk properly now, and people probably think I have tuberculosis or something, what with all that spasmic coughing I exhibit on public transport. Or worse, 'WAH LATER BIRD FLU HOW? FASTER SIAM!" If you're sick, you can't donate, that's that. Looks like I'll have to wait for another 3 months?

And yes, Wednesday's Valentine's too. And having a Chinese test on that day is just bullshit.

You probably already know that I got 11 points for my O levels.

English A1
E Math A1
Physics A1
Chemistry A2
Biology A2
Chinese A2
Combined Humanities B4
A Math B3

Thank God. 11 points is nothing fantastic, but I'm satisfied because results>effort. I simply screwed up on the effort part. No, I am NOT trying to say that I'm smart so I got such results without studying or anything like that, because I recognise God's grace on this one, and am trying to recognise Him for it. Yes, I credit my results here to God, because he has helped me through it all. How else would you explain how I got a B3 for A Maths when I left a quarter of the paper blank and an F9-which-was-later-moderated-to-C6 for prelims? Or how I still managed to get As, albeit A2s for Chem and Bio when I screwed both papers up totally? Of course I prayed that I'd get something single-digit and all, but then looking back, my prayers WERE answered because you still do have to be realistic and I do think I attained something proportional to what I put in. God is great.

On to a chronological report on the events of the past few days; I simply can't be bothered to phrase everything in a more interesting way, so I really must apologise.

Went out with Aaron today, just the two of us cause the rest couldn't make it. Bought Fall Out Boy's new album at HMV. Their concert's on the 3rd of March. Damn I so want to go lah. Aaron bought Thousand Foot Krutch's 2003 album and Paramore as well. We went over to Far East after that to get some stuff, and we both preordered Anberlin's new album, and he ordered TFK's newer album. Haha confused yet?

Went over to his house after that and played around with his electric guitar for a bit, then it was church and then back home.

Yesterday was the Hearts on Fire Youth Rally. The prayover was....awesome? You have to ecperience something like that yourself to really know.

And I went with Matthias, Yi Lin, Liselle and some of her friends for budak pantai's performance at YMCA Orchard on Friday night. They're a a capella group, and they were great. Truth be told, I'm not particularly the arty-farty type, but I'll always go if the company's good.

That should be all, I think. Once again, I'd like to express my regret at not making this account any more interesting. It's not easy typing a post when you're listening to an album, watching TV and talking to people all at once online.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jasper's birthday is today.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Today's cross country run was shiok. Kept going all the way without stopping to walk at all. Ultimately it wasn't beating others that I had in mind, but rather a personal hurdle I set for myself which I crossed. So don't bother asking why I was running even though I was part of the 'leisure' group. It's not about winning the trophies here - I'd be a back-filler for some of the competitive runners anyway- , it's just something I told myself I'd do.

Got a rather pleasant shock (if there is such a thing, because 'surprise' doesn't make the cut for level of connotation involved) when they announced the top runners for female J1s. Aggie won 2nd place? And she was going on about how she still couldn't meet the level zeros for ODAC, and how she takes 19+ minutes to complete a 2.4km run. Riight.

I'm sick. Not the fever-flu kind of ailments, just a hacking cough and a horrid chest congestion. Somebody in class passed it on to me. Thankfully it didn't affect my running too much, or I'd still be wheezing.

And Valentine's Day is coming. I noticed. Everybody notices. Haha. Whether I'm doing something or not is anybody's guess.

We collect our O level results this Friday. What's done is done, what's screwed is screwed, so no sense getting all depressed. I'm just slightly inclined to clinging on to this feeble hope that I might get something good.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

For the first time in I-have-no-idea-when, my blogger page started in English on default! A sign of better things to come, maybe? =D

Was talking to KY after playing pool in the afternoon today, and our conversation went something like this:


Die la, tomorrow got some stupid Chinese oral thing, must talk on the spot. Can't think of anything to say, somemore everyone talk to cheem, what youth culture, rise of China etcetc.


Talk about your hobbies lor. Say you like playing pool la.


LOL now that is some effed up fail standard Chinese, man. And I still don't know what to talk about.

I leave you with this rather interesting picture I took at Subway, of one of their picture boards:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Sorry insider joke! ^_^

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What I'd hoped would never happen has come true. I'd always wanted JC to be a new start to everything; what with new friends, new place to go to for school, hell, why not change everything I'd hated? Maybe not my appearance at the start, sure, losing avoirdupois isn't as easy as you think. But the horrible study ethics - well none in fact - I told myself I had to change. I needed and wanted to start paying attention to all lessons, revise my work, hand in stuff on time and all that, basically be a proper student for once.

It all worked, for a short while. Until everything came apart at the seams because the technique for sewing was never there. You don't build good habits and succeed just like that after having none for the past, I don't know, all of your life so far? It didn't help that supposedly good friends would sneer if I took out a book to revise. 'Mugger' they would say, the contempt and derision evident in their expressions. Thanks a lot.

Friday's Chemistry and Math tests were a perfect example of how the past has caught up with me. Ironic, how the things you want to leave behind come right up to you and smack you in the face like that. I've always been horrible at Math, and though I'm supposed to be damn bloody good at Chem, stoichiometry has never been my strong suit, and I know why. See, I'd either slept or stoned through all those lessons in secondary school, and now to put it extremely crudely, the shit has hit the fan and there's now a brilliant mess. I totally flunked both tests.

Now don't mistake my words for signs of depression - I love life too much. But the fact remains that I'm going to be totally screwed if I continue with the same old. I'm now lagging behind in a couple of subjects, of which Physics is something I know zilch about. Those little things I'd told myself I'd do to keep myself organised, like writing down the day's homework in the diary we all have were done for a short while, now forgotten. I'm possibly an ideal experiment in testing whether changes for the better can occur just like that.

Obviously they don't.