Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You'll probably notice that my gamercard, which used to show the 360 games I play and my gamerscore has been replaced by an Xbox 360 logo. No it's not because Microsoft's paying me to advertise for them, or because I got bored and decided to put that picture there. It's cause my Xbox Live subscription has expired and I'm just lazy to remove the damned thing. I bought a 3 month subscription card already, just haven't gotten down to redeeming the code on it. Besides, I don't really play much anymore. Wow, I've just made you read a whole paragraph of rubbish. Haha.

I fell asleep during PW period today. It's different this time because I had no idea that I'd fallen asleep till the bell rang and I found that my head was resting rather heavily on my forearm, which had gone rather numb. Apparently I was out for quite a while, and I started sleeping after my teacher gave us time to do some stuff. Obviously no one did it, because everyone started talking and I just drifted off. So yes I am rather tired.

Nothing much else at the moment to report, save for the fact that I'm still far off from my intended goal in shooting. Sure I've got a long time to achieve it, but it doesn't make me any happier. I know I can, it's just a matter of how long it'll take, and I don't like waiting for things to happen. Right now it's the mental endurance I need to cultivate further.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trying to cold-start an engine that's been frozen solid for the past ten years isn't going to be easy, but not insurmountable, I hope. And no, I'm not particularly a car enthusiast, so obviously I'm not talking about a car engine here. Should be an easy enough guess, methinks.

Mathematics is a good gauge of the level of progress of the human race, but that doesn't stop it from being just a bloody pain-in-the-ass. I'm amazed at how the geniuses of the past and present could be just so free and bored to come up with so much stuff. Yeah, sure it's fundamental to scientists and research, but the fact that I'm not planning on going on to be one (a scientist, because the prospect of being a research subject appeals to me even less) makes me wonder why the hell I'm taking a useless subject at H2 level. Oh, wait, I'm not going to be a physicist or chemist, either, so why am I bitching, right?

Because Maths is the most damned frustrating subject ever. You can study at the last minute for everything else, or you don't even have to, but Maths, well you need practice. And I obviously don't practice. Forgone conclusion = fail.

Sigma notation is a total bitch. Not that I like any other topic, of course, but sigma is just idiotic.

Looks like I'll have to take back what I said about two things.

One, it looks like I might not be going for the monthly shoot after all. I didn't register for it cause it was kinda too late and they had run out of lanes, but coach suddenly sms-ed me and told me I was in detail 2 at 1055, so I just kinda accepted it. But then later on he messaged me again to tell me there wasn't a lane for me. Oh well. There's always next month.

Two, Good Charlotte isn't bad at all, it's just that I started off with listening to one of their featured songs which I didn't find nice, and their slightly synth-rock feel turned me off initially. So yeah, it's all good.

I'm finding myself somewhat short of cash occasionally again. That's what you get for being so spontaneous with spending. Haha.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monthly shoot's this Sunday. I'm hoping I'll do well. I apologise for the fact that lots of my posts seem to be about shooting lately, but then it's pretty much one of the most interesting things that's been happening, so.

Anyway I got a bit bored during training yesterday and decided to go and shoot an air rifle, something I hadn't done in quite a while I shan't say how well I shot, I'll leave it at 'above average'. And no I'm not going to post any pictures either. After about 20+ shots some problem with the rifle I was using cropped up, possibly because I yanked the lever too hard. Now it needs repairing. Yikes.

I'm not improving at a rate fast enough to my satisfaction, but I guess there's nothing much I can do about it except to practice more.

Just bought Good Charlotte's album, and so far it's nothing to shout about.

Once again I'm lagging behind tremendously in almost every subject except GP for which there's nothing to lag behind in, and I need to start bucking up soon/ tomorrow/ next week/ just before the exams.

I could mention some other stuff not related to shooting that I'm pissed off about, but this is a public blog and I'd rather keep some things less well-known, so I'll just shut up.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't know how I'm going to start this post because I'm not sure if I want it to be a recollection of today or if I want it to be a penning down of my thoughts. So it's just going to be a mish-mash of both.

My new class rather lacks class spirit, but before I go on, it's perhaps prudent to describe the composition of my class. Seven people were ex-1T33, five were from another class and the rest either second intakers or probably alone.

Coming into the new class, everybody just stuck together with their old friends at first. It wasn't like that for the first 6 weeks when we first met our old classmates, it was just so easy making friends. It's a bit different now though. Everyone sorta already has their own clique or is basically just alone, and compounding the problem is the fact that, quite simply because you already have friends it's just too easy to not make the effort to include others. I realise that I've used the word 'easy' twice already in this paragraph, but I'm just too lazy to do do anything about it, so I'll just leave it as it is. If you didn't even notice, well this rather pointless sentence will make you.

Back to my point. We went dragonboating today as part of orientation, which seems to be missing my point completely, but I'd like to highlight something which will make everything tie in oh-so-nicely. Dragonboating this time around wasn't so much of a blast because, well my class wasn't united. Not everybody was rowing together, not everyone listened to the instructor when she gave instructions. No I'm not trying to berate everyone because they weren't all goody and listening to big sister. I'm trying to put across the fact that it wasn't fun because not everybody made the effort to do it together. There it is, out in the open. The reason why T33 was so bloody brilliant was because everyone made the effort to go and have fun together, and it sure helped that everyone was really nice, but it's a bit different in this new class I guess. It'll get better soon though, that's for sure. The first step right now would be, of course to get to know the rest better too.

Weird occurence that happened today: While on the way down to the bus to go dragonboating, this teacher next to me suddenly talked to me.

T: Oh so you are Andrew.

A: Err, yeah. How did you know my name?

T: Oh no it's just that I heard you were very good at GP, so I'll be expecting you to get an A1 for me?


I was rather confused at this point because first of all, I had no idea who this teacher was and why she thought I was good. Add that to the fact that I was clueless as to why and how I would get an A grade for her and you can probably envision the reason behind the number of question and exclamation marks at the end. Anyway it turns out that because on the way down to the buses the classes got mixed, this teacher thought I was from her class of 1T2o. Kind of self explanatory then. So teachers aren't immune to self-jacking, eh? Haha.

That was all a somewhat random, but who cares.

P.S. I beat Wei-Lyn at Egyptian Rat Race today. HAHAHA

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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This is not an opportunity for me to brag or show off or anything like that. Honestly, it's just a personal reminder that I've still got some ways to go if I really want to be the best. People keep saying that I'm really good and all, and if I lose out to the J2s it's cause they are much more experienced than me, but I need to keep things in my own perspective because it's my own target (no pun intended) that I've set for myself; I'm not doing this to please others. Sometimes I've to admit that it gets to me and I start thinking that I'm that good after all, but it's worth the effort to bring myself back down to earth. Next goal would be to fight for that place in CJC's national team. It's not going to be easy.

Training in the morning, then went to Liselle's house in the evening together with Matthias. Today was pretty fun. The type of fun that you get when you hang out with friends - I've mentioned before, you don't have to do anything particularly fun, but it's even better if the activities are too. And yes the hang-out-at-Liselle's-house activities were pretty fun too I guess, consisting of drinking and other card games and her Nintendo Wii as well. Had a pot-luck dinner there, which was pretty good. It was supposed to be a stayover, but I didn't and came home.

Going for training again tomorrow morning. Gosh the March holidays seem to be zooming right past.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sunday, March 11, 2007

My coach says that I might make it for this year's competition team alongside the J2s. That means I'll need to go for more trainings.

Went for training this morning at Yishun SAFRA, where I fired an air-compressed pistol for the first time. It's pretty cool. Left early from training cause I was going to meet Muthu and Aaron for lunch. Haha, I couldn't leave them in the lurch, after all, seeing I was the one who told them to meet at twelve-thirty and coach wanted to continue with another 60 shots at ten past twelve.

Went to Orchard after that, where I bought yet another CD. *grins*

Going with 1T33 tomorrow to East Coast Park for some cycling. Don't know what else we'll be doing, but I don't really care. It'll still be fun =D

Just something random that came to mind that I decided to note down for myself: It's fine being really friendly with girls and all, but making lewd comments even if they don't mind, I musn't ever cross that line. Heh another personal principle?

Yeah, the appeal went through. Either that or it was already put the way we wanted, whichever it was doesn't matter. Thank God. For your information in case you didn't already know, the appeal was to stay together as a class with my 1T33 friends, and NOT to appeal out to another JC. That was pretty funny, I guess it could have been rather vague, but all the same, I'm a bit bemused because it'd be stupid for me to appeal to go to another college when the one I was in was one I liked.

Rockefella last night was pretty cool, but I'm a bit lazy to type about it, so yeah I'll leave it at that.

Going to Yishun SAFRA tomorrow for training.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sometimes it's the waiting that'll kill you.

Will the appeal go through? Oh, the trepidation.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I only wish this didn't have to end, but all good things must, after all.

I'm a bit at a loss for words to describe this feeling now. It's like you have a cup full of nothing left. You still have the cup, but it's contents have all seeped away. It's like an empty shell, and you know the refill won't taste the same because you've found the perfect mix for your drink, but couldn't keep the recipe.

And that is how I feel about 1T33 separating. The cup is the school, the place. You look at it and at once you're flooded with all the memories, and the longing in your heart for what has come and gone gets to you. You're reminded of where you and everyone else sat, of the times you skipped lectures to play cards with your friends, of going out with your class, things like that. And you want to bring it all back, grab hold of it and never let go. But just like grabbing sand it just trickles away once you no longer have the strength to hold on tightly enough.

The contents of the cup are the people, of the friendships forged. But as the people leave for other schools, everything becomes different, doesn't it? Sure you can stay in contact, meet up once in a while to catch up, but it's just not the same as hollering to the class to ask whether they all want to go for lunch after school.

Thank you 1T33 PAE '07 for the memories. I'll never forget, ever.

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I went to see Fall Out Boy and it was a pretty awesome experience for me.

If you listen to them you'll get the twist here. If not you'll just read it and it'll still be pretty much true. Patrick Stump, the vocalist is seriously good, singing in perfect pitch while playing the guitar. Now that IS something. And the sound system, quite scary, the decibel counts these things can reach if they were set to max. I could literally feel the thumping in my ribs and the hair on my arms and legs being blown at as the air was forced away from the speakers. Bottom line: Fall Out Boy is fantastic live.

Today's activities started off with lunch at Kuishinbo with Yi He, Aaron, Lian Kai and Muthu. Good food. Here's an artistic masterpiece made with spilled chocolate fondue:

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Went for cat class after that and did a session with Matthias. His catechist wasn't available and he'd asked me for help. Went okay I feel, I wish my class was like that. Not as in the people, I mean the method of instruction and all.

Was late in meeting Yi He and Aaron for the concert. Was supposed to meet them at 6, ended up reaching there at 6.45pm. We still managed to stay in front though.

It's 1.30am now, and my mom it nagging so I'll just end it here.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm running out of superlatives to describe things, so I'll just say today was extremely enjoyable. Guess my English isn't that good after all, eh?

We went to Sentosa today! It's been who-knows-how-long since I last went there, and the place is like so different now. Xavier was the one who first suggested it, with something along the lines of "put our newly learnt skills to use", and I guess I jumped on the bandwagon to go after that. Almost the whole class went, which was great. Sadly a couple still didn't go.

Stopped at VivoCity for supplies before we went over to Sentosa via the new monorail, which was spankingly, well...new. Lots of the things in Sentosa are, anyway, and I've never seen most of it before. Pretty cool I guess.

We all know the stereotype that blondes are dumb and all, but it's just a generalisation right? I was a little bit similar to them today, because blondes are sandy haired. My hair today was...sandy. Beach volleyball was absolutely awesome. Haha, I'm just feeling a bit lame right now, so pardon me.

So yeah, played a bit of beach soccer, then hours of beach volleyball with my classmates which carried on even in the rain, did a bit of swimming, I'm just sorry I won't be able to put in words the experience.

Too tired to say any more for now/ever. Haha.

Last thing. Remember my math CA? Well out of a total of forty marks, I got 6.