Thursday, May 31, 2007

CJCIS is tomorrow and my arms and chest are still strained like DNA. Okay that was really random, and made no sense whatsoever. It just hurts. If I lift my arm it hurts. If I press my arm it hurts. And there's no question of it affecting my shooting tomorrow. But still a 540 minimum is a must, I don't care.

I can shoot 540.
I will shoot 540.

Oh my gun's sighting is still screwed too. For monthly shoot I managed to manually correct my sighting by aiming a little downwards. Now I don't even know where to shoot to get my 10 because I changed my sighting mechanically and didn't do it properly.

We're supposed to be at HTNS, which happens to be at Bukit Gombak at 7.30am. Like what kind of bullshit is that? I'm shooting for the team, albeit in poor condition and I've to be deprived of sleep too. Yay.

Now things wouldn't be so bad if we could still win OUR OWN invitational shoot while screwing up a little, but it really doesn't help that NJC is coming now, does it? All 540 shooters except for one 530 shooter from the most recent monthly shoot. Damn. Can we still win? Of course we can, as long as we don't screw up and NJC does. Did I mention the guy who taught me how to shoot an air pistol in the first place is in NJC?

I can shoot 540.
I will shoot 540.
But I need 560. OMG.

Anyway we celebrated Mr Chew's birthday today. Met them all after they had dinner at Manhattan Fishmarket. Pity I couldn't go earlier, was having practice. Heard the food there's good. Gave Mr Chew his present, stayed with the others at TCC for a while longer and then we all left. Wanted to catch Shrek 3 or something but nobody wanted to.

I'm starting to blabber a bit so I'll just end here. Hopefully Andrew'll be a happy boy tomorrow coming home with some nice trophies which should belong to him in the first place.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Andrew bought a new T-shirt today. A grey one that's pretty random with a little boy riding atop Frankenstein luring him to move forward with a brain. It's amusing. Andrew is referring to himself in the third person because he feels like it, and because he's somewhat happy too. Now all he wants is to lose a bit more weight and build up nicely in the right areas. Oh and an iPod which he never had and never really wanted cause his Palm was okay till recently when it's sound decided to get screwed would be cool too.

Andrew might be pretty screwed tomorrow because he's got a whole ton of keyboard practicing to do. He's been slacking off for too long, and he missed practice last week. It doesn't help that his skills are almost non-existent in the first place. The only thing he can say he has that's good is perfect pitch.

Andrew came back from a run just now and his timing was 10.53. It's just okay, but it's a bit too close to 11 minutes for his liking. He will need to work on it more, but he'll probably get lazy as usual.

This will probably be the last post that Andrew refers to himself in the third person. He doesn't know what else to crap about so he'll just shut up for now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Andrew is a happy boy today because:

- He cut his hair (again).

- He bought that new watch. Self-picked watch face with metal and leather straps which I can interchange if I feel like it. So cool la. Haha.

- He went to the gym with Edmund and had a good workout, which he undid by eating cafe cartel consecutively for the 2nd day

Thanks Edmund for the treat! Can't complain, it was free and still pretty good. Haha but oxtail stew. Damn fattening.

I still want my T-shirt. Like what the hell. I'm spending like nobody's business. Oh well I'm helping the economy =P

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ice cube after cafe cartel today with Yihe and Muthu was pretty cool. Ice cube's the name of this ice cream cafe in Serangoon Gardens which got pretty rave reviews by the way.

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"Waffles with brownies and cream ice cream and butterscotch sauce? Yuuuummmmmmmm...."

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HAHA sorry couldn't resist.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two shades of brown it is =D

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And I saw the watch I wanted! Pretty cool, Fossil watches.

The mental management video we watched during shooting camp says, among other things said by this old guy who was crap at everything sports except shooting that the more we think, talk and write about something, the higher the probability of getting it.

I want to shoot 550 by July.
I can shoot 550 by July.
I will shoot 550 by July.
I must shoot 550 by July.

Anyway. Shooting camp was basically a one-night affair, from 6 on Friday till 9pm on Saturday the next night, ending off with a barbecue where we announced the new exco. Congrats Nic, Ismail and whoever who's reading this who got whatever position. Haha. Don't let us down. Ismail and I didn't really get a taste of the second day's activities because we had our monthly shoot at 11am on Saturday, so we had to leave early before coming back. For me it I thought it was shit-confirm-screw-up, because I hadn't trained for more than a week, and I only knew I was going to shoot on the morning itself. Coach'd given me his son's place and I suddenly found myself on the 11am detail with Ismail. Luckily I managed to do okay. 533 is not bad I guess. But refer to the above score. Some ways to go.

Going out to buy shoes today! =D Two shades of brown, or red and black? Still undecided.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Pirates 3 is damn nice la. Went to watch it just now. And we have Econs exam tomorrow. Isn't our study ethic just perfect? =D

GP today was effed up la. Essay was shit cause I didn't have enough time to flesh out my points, so it was just cobbled together haphazardly. I don't even know if I wrote out of point. Comprehension was rubbish too. A 3 mark question blank and an AQ that was rubbish. Oh well no use crying over spilt milk.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

GP exam tomorrow. It's hard to really give a damn, because you can't really study for it anyway. I'm still slightly nervous though.

Studied with Rachel and her friends in school today. Fairly productive I guess, but still a long way to go.

Shooting camp this Friday. Twenty five bucks. The food had better be good. Haha.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Phantom of the Opera was....EPIC. I don't care what anyone says, it's seriously good and if you haven't caught it, well too bad it's over. In ten years maybe. Call me along if you go cause I'd like to catch it all over again. The elaborate props, insanely talented cast (vocal ranges = zomg!) and orchestra, interesting storyline, wow. This is real art at its finest. Maybe I was already biased towards giving a rave review, but when the theme song played you could just feel a tingling sense of excitement. Bought a copy of the programme for 25 bucks. Yeah half the price of the ticket. Ouch. It's not worth it, but hey it's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It'll make a pretty okay coffee table book, except we don't have a proper coffee table.

Added a ton of music to my library today =D. Linkin Park, Sugarcult, Bayside and From Autumn to Ashes. Yay.

1.44am. Good morning to you.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Two things today: CJC Sports Carnival and unit POP. Yeah, that's it for my post. Hahaha.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bought new pants today. And I want another pair already. I'm a nightmare when it comes to spending money, really. Except that I have none left.

Unit POP tomorrow so I'll be skipping training. Still have no idea if coach wants me to shoot at NJCIS this Sunday.

Phantom is this Saturday! Really looking forward to it. Hell yeah.

The worst thing about all this is that mid-years are next week. And I haven't got any time to study till Monday or so. Not good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This whole week's somewhat screwed cause I'll be damn busy, I just realised that midyears are next week and tomorrow's Physics CA sure fail.

But I bought 2 new t-shirts today which are pretty nice so it's not so bad =D

Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh yay. I'm procrastinating again. Homework undone, tired as hell. What I need now, is more TIME. No not the magazine obviously. If I had more time I'd just sleep it off so I'd no longer be tired. Damn. But I don't so I'll just make up for it during lectures.

My luck today was rubbish. Got found out ponning Econs lecture. Like what the hell were the chances la. The lecturer, who happens to be my tutor, who also happens to suck at teaching (not her fault, really, she's quite a nice old lady, just that she can't teach) decided to call my name to answer a question. I obviously wasn't there and seems that everyone was trying to help me by sayin I went to the toilet. HAHA. Oh well, I've got some excuse cooked up already.

I didn't go for lecture cause I understand absolutely nothing about government intervention and market failure, so I'd be better off doing my own work. I don't understand because my teacher can't teach. Ironic but prevalent occurence. She can't teach cause she's too soft without a microphone which is probably because it's almost time for her to retire. It's almost time for her to retire because she's old. She's old because.. Ok I'll shut up about it now.

I want new clothes, a watch, shoes and an iPod. Or an equivalent small mp3 player. Haha the spirit is willing but the cash is nonexistent. So my wants don't constitute demand because effective demand is desire backed by purchasing power. I only have the former. See I don't suck at Econs after all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Watching Deal or No Deal right now and I have no idea how it's played. Seems interesting though, so if you know how it works please enlighten me =)


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Was damn tulan yesterday after training. Coach had this shooting competition thingy - shan't elaborate on what it was like - and I lost to some small boy. "Best Secondary 2 shooter in Singapore" was what coach said. WTH la sian. And I'm supposed to be the captain?

11.22pm. Need to:

1) Practice the organ. One song I haven't even listened to, the rest in dire need of polishing.

2) Wrap gifts. Haha.

3) Unstick my eyes from the computer.

I am doing:

1) Surfing the net, probably till 12.30am.

AND NO TIME TO PRACTICE TOMORROW ALSO. Training at 9.30am, straight to church after that. Howwww.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Hi andrew pls b the parade commander for assembly tmr.. Wear a tie and stand in front of 1t21.'

Yeah you get my point. Suddenly this guy I don't know messages me and I'm going to be 'parade commander' for morning assembly tomorrow. Hahaha sounds damn nice but it's just attention and at ease la.

Training today sucked. I can only say I managed to concentrate only for the first five and last ten shots out of the 100 I shot today. The rest were just lift up gun, fire off and that was it. I can make all sorts of excuses like my arm was strained, my leg was hurting and I was tired, but I still didn't concentrate and that's that. At this rate I'm not going to hit 540. Hopefully tomorrow'll be a better day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The soles of my feet are ripped. Played soccer barefoot during PE today and it was a big mistake. I already had blisters on my feet and the skin tore. Like ouch, seriously. Also bagged a rather impressive scraped left knee and an abrased right one. Haha.

Shit la the banana chips my dad brought back from the Phillipines are seriously addictive. I've devoured another half a small sack. How bloody brilliant does it get?

I'm so damn tired nowadays. Like I got my parents to pick me up from Heartland Mall to go home since they were in the area, and the trip from there to my house is what, 5 minutes? I actually managed to fall asleep in those five minutes. As in really asleep and not dozing off. Tired as I type this also.

Tomorrow is the day that happens once every 2 weeks according to CJ's 2 week timetable that we've to make a pretty difficult decision; to leave school during break or not. It's two hours cause we've got a blank period after break. It's really tempting to just pon lesson also cause break is from 11-1pm, and at 1-2 it's Physics lecture. AND JUST THAT. Why wait 2 hours to come back later for just one lecture which you don't understand right.

Shall go to sleep now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Training today after school, which ended at 5 with the last period being PE. 2.4 was okay, 11 minutes 12 seconds. Hao Feng > Me by 12 seconds, 11 minutes flat. Haha damn good la. <3.

Training ended at 8 plus and I reached home at about 9.45pm. It's 10.45pm, I feel like my eyelids are sacks filling up slowly with sand and I still have my GPP to do. I'm doing the damn thing myself cause I couldn't be bothered to show my group members and ask them for help. Doesn't really make sense cause in being lazy I end up doing all the work myself. Hahaha. Which is obviously fine with the rest of course. They won't give a damn as long as they get their A. Oh wowee. At least it's all just bull that I come up with anyway.

Anberlin is coming to Singapore! But I have no money. Do your part to help the Andrew Foundation today! All proceeds go straight into my pocket, no questions asked.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Idiot la. My knee still hurts. Dunno how I'm going to run 2.4 tomorrow. But who cares la. All I need is a C. ^_^

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
you know right

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
autumn to ashes

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
their tune

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
is so nice

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
the vocals spoil everything

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
cos he has to scream

Andrew - says:

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
fucker sia

Andrew - says:

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
ruin the song nia

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:
thats what he's saying

Aaron~ Everything I Need says:


I lost 0.5kg when I checked 2 days ago. I'm not particularly happy because I've undoubtedly gained it all back from supper last night with Muthu and Yi He, and from that giant bag of banana chips of which I've polished off half already.

My right knee hurts la. Don't know what happened but must've hurt it during NAPFA test somehow. I'm satisfied with my results. First time assured Gold. Haha but what I don't get is how the hell Muthu can be faster than me at shuttle run. 9.7 seconds isn't bad, but he got 9.5? WTF. I'm happy with the rest la. Like standing broad jump was the only station without an A, but C's enough for a Gold so I was lazy to retry. 2.4km run will be a B so no problems.

A lot of things have happened the past few days. Or maybe just a few big things. That's a few of my goals fulfilled but I can't afford to get complacent now. =)

Practicing my electone after 2324958 years. It was a little hard at first, but I really must thank Him for reviving some of the old skills he'd given me. Band practice at 3pm tomorrow.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


No that's obviously NOT my shooting score. It's the number of words in my effing PI. Bloody hell I started at 9.30pm and it's now 11.45pm. Shit that's so unfunny it pisses me off and gets funny. I was SUPPOSED to do:


Math tutorial which was due today

Chem Practical

Practice my electone which I haven't touched in 34238402 years because I was sabo-ed into playing keyboards for con camp

I did:


That's 25% efficiency, and if I were a power plant I'd shut myself down. Okay not a good example, seeing how power plants operate at less than that level, but this is just shit. Had to cut down from 900 to 500 words, and it's bloody hell annoying when you keep having to pick away at what you've written just to remove one word at a time.

Was typing a rather long post two days ago until the com got unplugged. Not going to type it again but here's a summary:

I watched Spiderman 3 already. It's damn nice, but eating a whole BUCKET of popcorn in the process isn't. We celebrated Jerilyn's and Matthias's birthdays. Brownie was preposterously late. Lanz came which was pretty cool.

Yeah whatever.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The more I think about it the more pek chek I get la. 518 - like, it's not a matter of what people say, of whether I'm a J1 or J2. Maybe I learn fast for a J1, but that still doesn't make me anything more than peanuts to top shooters. They've had years of training, I've had 4 months, but on the scoresheet nobody gives a damn how long you've been shooting - it's the score and that's it. I didn't meet my basic expectations of myself, and though there was a slight measure of relief at my own results, it's nothing more than that. Don't get me wrong; I'm not on desolate or on the verge of giving up. I'm just saying I NEED TO WORK HARDER. If I can hit 536 for training then there should be no reason why I can't for competition.

Dinner-ed with Haofeng, Wei-lyn, Cheerin, Yanlan and Gerald just now. Suki sushi. I thought the food was just alright. Spent some time aimlessly walking around HMV with Haofeng after that, then going over to McCafe for a Frappe Mocha. Piling on calories again. Bloody hell.

Anyway I was bored just now cause my dad was hogging the internet. No router so must share the damn thing lor. So my laptop was on, I was playing music and doing nothing much else when I decided to try and learn how to play Hearts. Yeah the one in every computer. I sorta get the rough idea now. Hahaha.

It's LABOUR DAY TOMORROW. I'm supposed to be catching up on everything but then I'm going out. So yeah even trying to catch up isn't going to happen. Hahaha dieee.