Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I got rather sad yesterday when a sudden realisation came to me. Not that I didn't know it in the first place, but I never felt the impact of it till yesterday. It was always something that would happen in the future; near, yes, but not yet, hopefully never yet.

I love my class. The people absolutely rock la. Twenty four people, all different, all unique. From effervescent personalities to those who are just plain nice, it's a mixed bag of gummies without the licorice. You'll understand what I'm saying if you're from my class. Haha. I'm not sure if I can describe this in words. What were at first snippets of conversation or even outright aloofness between people resolved into free-flowing conversations, all awkwardness dissolved. The six weeks that we'll spend with each other as a class are almost over, and I'm sorry to say that we'll soon go our separate ways. Sure, we'll still stay in contact, but it won't be the same, surely. I'm one of the perhaps few staying on in CJC, and while I'll still make more friends in orientation 2, I'm loath to the fact that it'll be all those damn icebreakers all over again. And they'll be different. After all, everyone has their idiosyncrasies, and I've gotten used to my class's. It's the same with my teachers. In my opinion my class is having the best deal in terms of our tutors. Good and nice teachers all round in most subjects except for Physics, so I can't complain. Besides, the whole CJC Physics department for J1 CMI anyway. I don't want to let go?

Shooting training tomorrow. Must do better than my previous shoot.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm up to my neck with homework at the moment. Haven't touched anything for the whole of today. Not that I know how to do some of it, anyway.

I'm rather addicted to shooting now, because everytime I shoot, I find myself wanting and knowing I can do better. Like last Wednesday's shoot, I only realised my stance was wrong halfway through my second card, which resulted in my shots not really being as clustered. It was only on the 3rd card that I started getting my feel back, after I'd corrected my technique. Every shot in the black area with pretty okay grouping, but still not as good as my selection shoot, I think. Ultimately, it's the medals and trophies I'm looking for, and I both want and need the practice. I'm hoping to see the day where the thing you see on my target sheet is a ragged hole in the centre rather soon.

I can't play my electric organ for nuts anymore. Sure, the papers say I'm a Grade 5 student, which means if I ever pass I'm qualified to teach (it's a different system from piano qualifications), but that doesn't change the fact that I haven't and still continue to not practice. On the other hand, I've started practicing a little on the guitar again, partly because Liselle, my classmate brought hers to school and we all take turns to hog the thing during breaks and after school.

Singapore's still playing Malaysia in the AFC now. It's extra time, going on to penalties. Singapore for the win! ^_^

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My stupid IE's STILL in Chinese.

Thought today would be a hectic day once I got back, but it turns out I don't have to hand in any of that homework which I'm happily accumulating. Might turn into a collection of undone assignments soon. Maybe I should prepare the frames.

Watching Prison Break at the moment. It's a 2 hour special, so it'll finish at 12am. I'm hoping to get to sleep by 1am; I've still got my full uniform to do up.

I'd originally wanted to post up a couple of photos, seeing it's been a long time since I last did so and it gets less easy on the eyes without pictures. But as you can see, I got lazy, so content yourself with the smiley at the end of the sentence. =)

I'm currently feeling rather pissed off with someone now, because I hate it when people decide to judge others. You don't even know what I'm like, so don't claim to do so. .

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm thinking of a Chinese idiom that perfectly describes myself at the moment:


I'm supposed to be doing right now, still got some Math, Econs and GP which is still untouched to do. And I'm the GP rep. Oh well. See, my purpose in turning on the computer was to research some links for GP, but obviously I ended up doing all sorts of crap but.

On the plus side, I've more or less settled the stuff that I've been tasked with for the unit; the newspaper collection and CIP issues are pretty much done. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. For the moment.

Shooting team training tomorrow. Looking forward to it, but it sucks that I've to give up one unit training a week for it. Guess you can't have everything.

I jammed by ring finger today while playing volleyball. Sad to say, it wasn't a result of a dramatic dive in which I prevented the other team from scoring a point. In fact I didn't even get the damn injury from playing the game. It was just that Joseph decided to kick the ball towards us and I decided to catch it. My finger decided it didn't want to catch the ball properly. Ow.

Think I might go and do a little homework. Later.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

There are some things I find really stupid in this world which irk the hell out of me, and I think might talk about a few right now. Sorry, it's just one of those days where I'm feeling rather stressed out because I've got lots to settle. Blogging's good catharsis.

1) Math homework

Tried really hard to do the damned binomial theorem homework this morning, and I managed really well.....if only I knew how to do them. Managed to practice twirling my pen rather well. And no it's not because I'm lazy. I tried, seriously. How bad was I? Let's say I didn't even get past question two.

2) MSN nicknames

Why the hell do some people enjoy showing off in their MSN nicknames? "YAY! I got my XXX qualification already!!! Now going for XXXX qualification" Like, who gives a damn. Bloody egoistic, that's what you are. People like you should be made to do CJC's mass PE everyday. Let's see how that stupid piece of paper you got for that dumb qualification which I already got 2 years ago is going to save you now. Muahaha.

3) Chinese text in Internet Explorer

Why the hell is the default language for my IE in CHINESE?! Not every page I access of course, but it's still damn annoying whenever I access blogger and it comes out in Chinese. I've nothing against the language, I'm also Chinese right? But having to change the language to something more comfortable everytime is just retarded.

Ahh. Feel better after that rant.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm having some issues with my head at the moment because it's aching like hell, so forgive me if I don't manage to exercise a small measure of restraint in what I'm about to say.

The teacher in charge of mass PE today was....quite simply, a wanker. Not literally, of course, that I wouldn't know, but you get my point.

Personally, I don't give two flying shits if you're a PE teacher who can run a full marathon without panting, or if you're the super-fit type. If you can't take the welfare of your students into consideration, which is the first thing that any PE teacher should be able to do, you should jolly well eff off and die. It's not about taking people out of their comfort zone here; it's basic responsibility. 10 rounds around the school with 6 sets of 5BX almost killed me because I'd just eaten a full lunch beforehand. So did my friends. Maybe we should'nt have done that, but the fact remains that such a situation should have been taken into consideration. And to make things worse, I'm still a little sore from the 2.4km I ran yesterday as part of the shooting team selection physical test. I ran the 10 rounds with no difficulty, sure, but the jumping jacks in the 5BX made me feel like puking. And when that teacher gave instructions, nobody could hear him. His requests (to put it mildly) for us to shout out responses to his standard questions - think "Are you ready?!!" "EVER READY" - was basically an intelligible stream of verbiage which those behind couldn't make out at all. If his desire was to give us a taste of ODAC training and make us think that he's a sadistic teacher, I'm sorry to say that he's hopelessly failed in that department for me. No, I don't think he's sadistic, I think he's just lousy. Needless to say, I'm slightly livid, because if any NCO were to do that back at the unit, I'd kill him myself. Again, it's not about being fit or not, it's about having your charges in mind, and anticipating possible scenarios which could be a problem to physical training.

On a lighter note, I've been selected for CJC's shooting team! Haha did pretty well I for the selection shoot I guess. Shan't talk too much about it or this might deteriorate into bragging =P

I think I might be starting to fall sick. It's not happened in like, four years. Hmm.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Today was.....interesting, to say the least.

It's 9.40pm right now, and I have math homework to do. And I don't particularly know how to do it, which means I have to go revise. How I got myself into this predicament would be a weird concatenation of events, which looking back borders on stupidity. But who cares, it was fairly fun. In an odd way.

I went with my classmates over to Orchard to have lunch, and doing that alone took the best part of half an hour because we couldn't decide on where to go. Had lunch at BK, stood at the same spot for a very long time deciding on what to do after that. Some wanted to watch a movie, and we ended up going outside Cine. Stood at one spot for a long time deciding on what to do next. Went to Heeren. Bought Anberlin's CD. Old but nice lah. Stood outside HMV deciding on what to get for a classmate for her birthday. Went to Paragon. Bought sweets from Marks and Spencer for her. Stood around. Repeat.

And then, we went over to Thomson Road. Which was weird because it was out of the way, but the girls wanted to eat prata. Only a couple of us; the rest'd left. They wanted to eat there because it was near where they lived. Ended up doing three math questions and drinking milk tea at the prata shop, and trying to learn other ways of twirling a pen with zero success. And no prata was eaten; they ordered takeaway at the end of it. Walked with Matthias and Wei Lyn at the end of it to some bus stop, where Matthias and I took bus 76. He dropped off earlier and I took it all the way near home. Walked back.

Bizzare day? No kidding. You're probably confused at my incoherent attempt at an account, but I'm just sleepy. Haha. Can't say I regretted anything about today though - I got to know my classmates better, and that's something to be cherished. Yawn. I think I'll finish my homework tomorrow during break.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Year's resolution this year is to lose more weight. How the hell am I going to do that if I can't exercise?

The weather's been crap these days. It's been a bummer for orientation, when it rained during our dragonboating and the games after that, which meant it was cold and wet, obviously. And my new bag and wallet got drenched. Leather wallets, as you might know, don't take to well to getting wet.

To compound matters, it's always raining when I want to go for a run. Not that I really love running, but I want to lose weight, and running's a good way. But now it's always pouring, and the track's always wet. Screw it.

Only way left is to hit the gym, but that's at most once a week. How??? T_T

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hahaha. Can't stop laughing now. Wanted to blog about something else, but this is more than reason enough to change the subject! ROFL.

What I'm going to do right now is to provide you with a link to the best GP essay in a well-known junior college. No joke, the girl got 37/50 okay! What the joke is would be the fact that such trash got such a mark. I wouldn't have given it three marks, let alone 37. Enjoy. Oh, and the comments in pen were made by someone over there in the same college who was damn pissed off that the girl who wrote this got such a high mark.


Critics' (I assume her teacher?) comments:

"Good use of apt vocabulary'

"Good construction of sentences"

"Content - good use of computer games used"

"Points well articulated and developed"

What I think:

Since when did Warcraft involve killing ALIENS? And when did CounterStrike become a game where you gather an army to save the earth? HAHAHAHA. Oh, and apparently gaming is directly harmful to your physique (that's what the writer thinks the eyes are part of), so girls better watch it!
More examples I shan't cite, go read it. Too busy laughing. LMAO!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Watching 'The Arena' now. It's horrible. The debaters from one school speak with excruciatingly disgusting fake accents which are so obviously not theirs (shan't name which school). One of them gestures and talks so fake it's plastic, while the other is just damn rude while her opponent is speaking, making disinterested facial expressions and forced grins amounting to rolling her eyes. And her delivery was just pit-bottom - she talked like a gangster, looked like one and gestured as if she wanted to kill her opponent. Now I won't fault someone if she can't speak well, but basic respect to your counterpart by listening intently to his argument is just the right thing to do. The second speaker from the opposition RI was pretty fluent, though, and their team's argument was rather good. Sad to say, the point they were supposed to argue on, something about whether good looks are crucial or not deteriorated into a heated debate about soccer endorsements, complete with finger pointing during talking and furrowed brows. I apologise if I sound like I'm saying I'm superior to them. I'd never do that, but why the hell can't people just talk properly?

School was interesting today, I guess. No more IGs, we're in our classes, and we went for dragonboating! Fun, but it was dampened by the rain. The games after that weren't much fun anymore, either. And our bags got drenched. Dammit, they told us we'd be locking up our stuff in the classroom, or I wouldn't have brought such a new and expensive one.

Tomorrow's Finale Night for orientation. Hoping it'll be fun.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Caught a movie with the members of my IG on Saturday. Shan't comment too much about it, except that the movie was 'Blood Diamond'. Good show la. Friday marked the last day that we were to be in our IGs, which kinda sucks cause we just got to know each other. But once again, moping isn't going to do shit, so with heavy heart and lowered head, a sad goodbye was said. Geez that sounds so damn corny, haha obviously that didn't happen.

Caught up with Songyuan, Yi He, Muthu and Liankai today. Notice this paragraph starts off with the word 'caught', too. Talked about stuff over lunch at Fish and Co., which was expensive-but-oh-so-good and played pool at Marina Square. The balls are damn small. Haha what were you thinking? I meant the balls for pool, not regular-sized. Anyway bought Hawthorne Height's CD. It's a long time coming, but whatever. They're good.

I'm going to have to update my Friendster profile. It's like, I don't even use the damn thing, I only log on whenever somebody adds me and all. Recently though, with the influx of new friends (I just love taking the shine off something good by talking technically, haha), I've had more profile views, and it just doesn't seem right to provide the link to my old blog. In other words, my profile's damn outdated. Oh well, guess it's motivation to do something about it.

School tomorrow is going to be deja vu without the benefit of seeing the same people. Same activities like icebreakers and all, new people. Well at least I'll know more people, which sadly isn't such a fantastic consolation. I guess it all boils down to this; would you rather know lesser people but know them better, or more people on a more superficial level?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Didn't go out with my IG as I mentioned in my previous post today. We postponed it to this Saturday. Looks like I'll need to push back that pool session I was talking about till later on in the evening or at another date.

I'm getting the hang of the mass dance already. It's rather fun, really, once you put off the fear of looking like an idiot because you can't dance. Even if you dance like shit, it won't be worse than just standing still like an idiot like some do. Haha, nobody can escape from what's planned for orientation, so why not get a kick out of it right? Sure I can choose to stay all sullen in a corner talking to nobody, but what's the point? Problem is that the girls and guys are still not mixing that much. Sure they're friendly and all when you talk to them, but we don't talk freely and all. Kind of frustrating, really. I'm not the kind of super-social vivacious guy, but I do realise that circumstances have changed and I'm no longer in a single sex school. So no point being shy and all.

Another long day tomorrow. We got our CJC pe shirts already, so we'll all be wearing that tomorrow. Quite cool la. Jersey material. That's all for now.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day at CJC. It's a pretty nice place to be, I guess. Sure the facilities aren't fantastic, but the people here are pretty nice. The atmosphere is friendly, too. You don't get the feeling that you're in a strange place and want to stay all closed up. Maybe I'm biased cause I'm Catholic. Who cares, it's my college right?

My Index Group is damn on, man. First day we've known each other and we're going to watch a movie together tomorrow. Haha don't know how many will turn up, but the fact is, well....wow. LOL. We aren't good friends yet, hell the guys and girls were still sitting separately as of break time, but it'll catch on.

Damn freaking tired now. Haven't been getting enough sleep for the past 3 days. It's been a long day - today's program was till about 3.30pm, and it's only going to get longer. From tomorrow onwards it's going to be dismissal at earliest 4 plus, even 5 plus. That sucks. Sure I'd like to get to know my IG people better, but playing games ain't exactly going to do it. Oh well.

We need to decide our subject combinations tomorrow. I'm still a bit confused about this. Die.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nothing much to report. Spent the new year with my godsisters and godparents ('godfamily' sounds weird) at a countdown in church. The program wasn't much fun, but I'm fine with it I guess. Anyway it's over, so who's complaining. Haha.

Tomorrow's the first day of school in CJC. It feels weird, starting all over as a freshman again.

I'm like totally addicted to pool now lah. So damn fun. Can't wait till the weekend when I can ask the others out for a game =D